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Generative AI and The Copilot Ecosystem: A New Era for Local Councils

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

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The introduction of generative AI and the Copilot ecosystem mark the onset of the fifth industrial revolution, set to reshape our professional world and particularly the landscape of local government. This transformative shift offers local councils the chance to evolve into AI-centric organisations, revolutionising their interactions with residents.

For councils prioritising AI transformations, the goals are clear; enhance community engagement, reduce costs, maintain service quality, and efficiently manage diverse service areas. Especially noteworthy is the potential for a breakthrough in areas like adult and children’s social care. The AI advancements bring:

  • Priority Service Impact: Previously restrained by the intricate nuances of areas like adult and children’s services, generative AI now empowers council with the finesse to weave AI seamlessly into these critical sectors

  • Swift Automated Support: The feasibility of automation in roles like social care assessments means residents can anticipate timely assistance, cutting down processing intervals substantially

  • Optimised Engagement and Budgeting: The evolution equips councils with tools to refine each resident interaction, from enquiries to assessments, cultivating an efficient and cost-effective approach

  • Broadened Service Horizons: With generative AI, councils can envisage an expanded service scope, encompassing frontline and backend operations

The Generative AI Revolution

As digital technology once did, generative AI is on the brink of revolutionising local government services. This evolution represents a monumental shift, positioning local councils as pioneers in AI-centric operations. The explosion of interest and understanding in AI has made it accessible to all, paving the way for an ecosystem where every aspect of council operations and resident engagement can benefit from AI-driven interactions. The question is not “if”, but “when”.

Diving into the Copilot Ecosystem

Microsoft and Open AI are at the forefront of this revolution, with Microsoft Copilot rapidly bringing generative AI to millions, permeating various collaboration platforms and tools. Within this expansive ecosystem, specialist Copilots will become the model for applying generative AI to enterprises within wider use cases.

A mixed ecosystem of first-party Microsoft Copilots and specialised Copilots will thrive. The Microsoft Copilot platform provides a rich environment for standard functions. Seamlessly coexisting with specialised Copilots like the ICS.AI SMART Copilot platform offers an incredible ecosystem capable of truly maximising AI capabilities across the enterprise.

Embarking on SMART AI Transformation

Specialised Copilots will accelerate the adoption of generative AI in local authorities. AI transformation represents a profound shift towards establishing AI-First enterprises capable of harnessing the power of generative AI to maintain a competitive edge. This journey compels organisations to implement innovative technology to ensure efficiency, governance and cost management. SMART AI Transformation offers an agile, economical, and low-risk gateway to scalable AI solutions.

ICS.AI’s SMART Copilot: Tailored for Local Government

Explore the ICS.AI SMART Copilot AI platform, tailor-made for local councils. Discover how these Copilots seamlessly integrate within the broader ecosystem, redefining how local governments operate and interact with their communities:

  • Customer Services Copilot: Enhance accessibility, response time, and efficiency with automated customer service, offering round-the-clock access, streamlined payments, simplified applications, and improved care triage

  • Adult Social Care Copilot: Elevate user experiences, outcomes, and care worker skills through AI integration in adult social care

  • Children's Services Copilot: Transform operations in Children's Services by reducing paperwork, providing quicker responses to families, improving case handling, and enhancing teamwork

  • Staff Copilot: Dramatically enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and improve service quality while yielding cost savings and facilitating better information sharing, personalised training, and efficient recruitment processes

As AI becomes an integral part of local government, we hosted an an insightful webinar, led by industry expert Robin Denton, Director of Local Government at Microsoft, along with leaders from ICS.AI, we explored the future of council-resident interactions through AI-enabled transformation. As well as typical use cases and projected benefits, offering first-hand experiences with live demonstrations of the SMART AI technology across different communication channels.

During the webinar, we covered the following topics:

  • Generative AI marking the fifth industrial revolution

  • Navigating the Copilot ecosystem – Microsoft Copilots and specialist Copilots working together

  • Local council use cases for Copilot technology – how to get Copilot and generative AI working for your council

  • Roadmap for AI transformation – where to start, how to buy them, and more

  • Live demonstrations of SMART Copilot platform in action

Together, let’s unlock the vast potential of AI in local government and shape a more efficient and responsive future for councils and communities across the UK. Register for the event here.




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