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Lichfield District Council

Lichfield's Introduction to AI 

Lichfield District Council’s AI assistant, SAM, reaches Human Parity Performance (over 85% of accurate first-time answers!), as it is pre-trained on over 1,000 council topics. 

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What does SAM help residents with?

Litchfield District Council
  • Self-serve issues 24/7 via Conversational AI

  • Quicker resolution times for routine queries 

  • Instant engagement without long waiting times 

  • On the spot guidance for transactions and processes

  • Live translation for over 90 languages

  • Direct contact with subject experts on live chat via Microsoft Teams 

  • Better service quality thanks to released capacity 

"Evidence of further progress in our pursuit of being a better council. We’re going big on digital technologies, enabling residents, businesses and visitors to self help over regular / straight-forward interactions - providing us with more capacity to identify and support those with greatest, complex needs." 
Simon Fletcher, Chief Executive at Lichfield District Council

Transform Your Engagement with AI

Contact us to start your AI Transformation! Explore the SMART AI Platform's capabilities, receive live demonstrations, detailed pricing, and assistance in building an ROI business case calculator.

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