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In today’s digital age, a dynamic social media presence is not just an option, but a necessity for public service organisations. SMART Social harnesses the power of AI to intelligently manage, triage, and respond to social media interactions, offering unparalleled 24/7 support. By streamlining engagement, SMART Social ensures that your users feel heard and supported, anytime and anywhere, enhancing your social media footprint while making every interaction count.

SMART Social seamlessly integrates with your existing social media profiles, actively responding to users, directing them to self-serve options, or resources that promptly address their needs. With the capability to both send and receive chats, understand intentions, and check external systems for updates, SMART Social resolves issues efficiently, often without the need for agent intervention. This automation not only makes your social channels more effective but also allows your agents to focus on cases that require a human touch.


  • True Omni-Channel Experience: Offers consistent and high-quality interaction across all social media platforms, ensuring users are reached where they prefer to engage.

  • Quicker Resolutions: Instant replies, imagery, and links to additional resources enable users to self-serve in seconds, simplifying the resolution process.

  • Reduce Your Costs: Automates responses and interactions across your social channels, saving valuable human resources dedicated to managing messages.

  • Improve User Experience: Immediate response capabilities transform waiting times from hours or days to moments, prioritising user needs efficiently.

SMART AI Social Features


  • Improved Efficiency: Automation leads to quicker responses, reducing waiting times for users.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Categorisation and automation ensure accurate handling of enquiries, improving overall outcomes.

  • Ethical Handling: Maintains ethical standards in interactions, ensuring user trust and compliance.

  • User Empowerment: Enables self-service options for the public, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

  • Faster First-Time Resolutions: Automation of common email categories results in quicker issue resolution.

SMART AI Social Benefits
Derby City Council Logo

Derby City Council

AI assistants, Darcie, servicing the Council’s customer service centre, and Ali, serving Derby Homes, are currently answering over 1,100 questions each day, directly handling up to 45% of inbound calls. Beyond answering citizen queries, they can also direct calls to over 40 different departments. Darcie and Ali have provided round-the-clock assistance for council and housing services, answering over 450,000 queries on the main phone line, this AI-driven transformation is showing remarkable results, having already met a savings target of £100,000 within the council’s budget plan.


Social Media Icons

SMART Social represents a leap forward in how public service organisations engage with their communities on social media. By leveraging AI to enhance and automate interactions, SMART Social not only improves operational efficiency but also significantly boosts user satisfaction. With SMART Social, embrace the future of social media engagement, where every user feels valued, understood, and promptly assisted.


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