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Latest Webinar: Fast-track AI for Teaching and Learning

On-demand Webinars

Our webinars include a wealth of information and insights on the transformative power of Conversational AI technology. In each session, we explore how customers are benefiting from SMART AI solutions across a range of industries and use cases. But we don't just talk about the benefits of AI - we show you. Our webinars feature live demonstrations of the technology in action, showcasing its capabilities across multiple channels.

Whether you're looking to improve customer service, increase digital self-service, transform student recruitment, automate business process, or enhance your organisations overall efficiency, our webinars offer valuable insights and practical advice on how to get started. 

They are free and available on-demand to watch whenever is most convenient for you or your colleagues.

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Local and Central Government On-demand Webinars

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Local Government AI Transformation with GenAI and Copilot (Socitm)

In this webinar, we discuss the transformative potential of Generative AI and the Copilot ecosystem, highlighting the importance of specialised Copilots in aiding local governments to efficiently adopt AI transformation. Together, let’s unlock the vast potential of AI in local government and shape a more efficient and responsive future for councils and communities across the UK.

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Derby City Council's success with phone-based AI

Derby City Council and Derby Homes are on a journey to innovate how they engage with residents, supplementing their main switchboard with phone-based AI assistance. This webinar showcases how phone AI has handled 100,000 calls, deflecting 42% away from human advisors and saving £200,000 within 3 months of implementation.  

Gen AI & Copilot Webinar.png

GenAI and Copilot Ecosystem for Local Government AI Transformation

Generative AI and the Copilot ecosystem mark the onset of the fifth industrial revolution, profoundly impacting the local government landscape. This transformative shift empowers local councils to embrace AI-centric strategies, thereby revolutionising resident interactions. 

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Triple resident self-service with AI for local government, powered by ChatGPT

How can AI-driven technology improve council customer service?


In this webinar, we demonstrate how our SMART platform can triple self-service adoption rates through human parity conversational AI, across Website Chatbot, Phone, Email and Live Chat channels. 

ICS.AI Webinar - Save council £800K.png

Save your Council £800K per year with Human Parity Conversational AI

Nearly half of public sector organisations have cost reduction as one of their core transformation goals. During this webinar, you'll learn how Conversational AI built for local government deflects queries and automates interactions with high accuracy rates, leading to efficiency savings of £800K* (*cost saving depends on Council size and channels used). 

Lewes and Eastbourne Council Webinar -Phone AI.png

Revolutionising resident engagement: the impact of Phone AI on Lewes and Eastbourne Councils

With cost-saving a key driver behind their pursuit of AI integration, Lewes and Eastbourne Councils have successfully integrated AI across channels – website, live chat, and most recently, phone. Watch the webinar recording where they discuss the impact of their latest venture in AI – launching Ellis on their phone channel.  

ICS.AI Webinar - Adult Services.png

Improving your Council's Adult Services with Conversational AI

Discover how Conversational AI can aid Adult Services teams in reducing workloads, cutting application processing times by up to 33%, and clearing substantial backlogs. By leveraging this technology, contact centre agents can prioritise improving service quality while also helping vulnerable individuals and their families self-serve applications.

SMART Phone AI Socitm Webinar.png

Phone AI in action with Derby City Council and Lewes and Eastbourne Councils (Socitm)

This webinar explores the transformative potential of our SMART Phone AI platform, that offers AI-powered phone self-service for residents. Now live with several customers, we’ll delve into the real-life success stories and reveal how phone-based AI is revolutionising customer service.

ICS.AI SMART Phone Webinar.png

It's good to talk -launching AI powered phone self-service for residents

This webinar showcases the power of Conversational AI on the phone channel with our revolutionary SMART Phone platform. This ground-breaking technology is set to transform how local councils engage with their residents, addressing the common challenges faced when delivering efficient and effective self-service options.

ICS.AI Webinar - Human Parity Guarantee.png

SMART AI - world's first Conversational AI that guarantees human parity 

Conversational AI will reduce contact centre costs by £80bn by 2026. During this webinar, we showcase the world's first Conversational AI for the public sector with a human parity performance guarantee. You'll see the AI Assistants in action across channels and learn how, if performance falls, we'll train them back to +85%. 

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Digital Transformation in Local Government: Reshaping Council Services 

The need for digital self-service accelerated with the pandemic - AI plays an important role in the new digital-first era, enabling 24/7/365 digital engagement. Featuring Cheshire West and Chester Council, Qwest, CIPFA C.Co and Microsoft, we demonstrate how to reshape digital citizen engagement to provide more accessible and personalised public services with AI. 

ICS.AI Webinar - Live Chat and MS Teams.png

Enhancing Live Chat with MS Teams and AI to transform customer metrics 

SMART LiveChat is enhanced by an always-on human parity AI Assistant. Pre-trained on over 1,000 council services, it understands answers with 90%+ accuracy. In this webinar you'll learn how this AI augmented LiveChat impacts contact volumes, shielding your agents from simple queries that can be resolved without their intervention. 

ICS.AI webinar - Southampton City Council.png

Southampton City Council’s Citizen Assistant is answering 90% of queries using AI 

Hear directly from James Marshall, Head of Customer and Communications at Southampton City Council, about how their Citizen AI Assistant is answering 90% of citizen queries via AI. You'll see how Conversational AI can help increase both citizen engagement and satisfaction, as well as answering queries 24/7. 

ICS.AI Webinar - Staff Shortages Scotland.png

Learn how Microsoft AI is helping the Scottish Public Sector with staff shortages

Funding cuts are impacting the Scottish public sector's ability to provide essential services. In this webinar, you will learn how cost-effective digital self-service together with predictive machine learning can ensure Scottish public services become nimble and targeted, prioritising resources and improving outcomes. 

ICS.AI Webinar - AI for local government, staff shortages.png

AI for local government - helping you serve more people despite staff shortages

With repetitive queries, overwhelming contact spikes and financial constraints, local government are struggling to recruit and retain staff in their contact centres.

This webinar details how AI designed for local government can help you serve more people, despite staff shortages. 

ICS.AI webinar - Case study with ICO.png

AI-driven customer service: a case study with the ICO

Support your government agency with multichannel Conversational AI to reduce workloads, cut resolution times and improve customer outcomes. In this webinar, you'll hear how AI has helped the ICO deflect over 360,000 queries and automate 5,000 emails per month, allowing staff to focus on service quality. 

ICS.AI Webinar - Telford and Wrekin Council.png

Successful channel shift at Telford and Wrekin Council with AI acceleration

This webinar shows how AI is transforming citizen engagement at Telford and Wrekin Council, answering 95% of resident queries successfully. You'll learn how our human parity performance capability enables 24/7 support, giving access to quick responses and allowing them to spend more time on complex queries.  

Higher Education On-demand Webinars

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Fast-track AI for teaching and learning with SMART AI Learning Copilot

In the current educational landscape, an estimated 80% of students are already utilising generative AI technology to enhance their learning experiences*. The question for institutions has shifted from “if” to “how quickly” can these powerful tools be integrated into your teaching and learning processes to remain competitive and relevant.

The future of education webinar thumbnail.jpg

The Future of Education - Generative AI and Copilot deep dive 

Explore the transformative power of AI in higher education.

This webinar focuses on how generative AI, like Microsoft's ChatGPT and ICS.AI Copilots, can revolutionise universities by enhancing every facet from recruitment and student services to learning and operations. 

ICS.AI Webinar - Durham University.png

Learn how to adopt AI in higher education from the CIO of Durham University 

Learn from Durham University's CIO how AI adoption can help build better relationships with students, enhancing their experience and offering your University the potential to increase income. This webinar details the benefits Durham Uni have achieved from deploying AI across different stages of the student journey. 

ICS.AI webinar - Teams and AI to transform student engagement.png

Learn how Microsoft Teams and AI transforms student engagement 

AI augmented Live Chat built specifically for education deflects queries and supports advisors, leading to excellent student experiences. During this webinar, you'll learn how AI and humans working together can improve student engagement through contact deflection, process automation and cost-saving. 

ICS.AI webinar - tackling spikes in service demand with AI.png

Durham University tackling spikes in service demand with Artificial Intelligence

In this webinar we explore, with Durham University's Head of Collaboration Services, Beth Gordon, how Conversational AI Assistants have been deployed at critical parts of the student recruitment journey, as well as IT support, to provide always-on self-service that tackle spikes in service demand. 

ICS.AI webinar - Durham March 21.png

Discover how to offer students a seamless learning experience with the help of AI

Durham University, Microsoft and Phoenix Software join us for this webinar to look at the significant impact Holly (Durham University's Admissions AI Assistant) has had on its students. You will see how AI is able to significantly transform the way your students learn, interact, and collaborate remotely. 

ICS.AI webinar - control costs and improve student services with AI.png

Control costs and provide outstanding student services with Conversational AI 

To stay competitive, educational institutions must invest to save, selecting technology that improves user experience while generating income. During this webinar, you'll learn how Human Parity Conversational AI for education can supercharge student services, even during contact spikes - reducing cost per contact. 

We hold webinars regularly - if there's a topic or sector you're interested in but can't find what you're looking for above, get in touch using the form below and we'll send you the most relevant content.

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