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Welcome to a seamless world of innovation with SMART AI-powered Copilots, designed to transform user experiences across education, government, and customer service with personalised support. Our Copilots elevate every interaction, providing real-time assistance, tailored guidance, and advanced automation to empower students, educators, government officials, and residents to excel in an ever-changing, efficient environment.

Beyond their transformative capabilities, SMART Copilots are distinguished by their unparalleled accessibility and flexibility. Available 24/7 across all major communication channels—phone, web, email, social media, and live chat—they ensure that help is always at your fingertips, whenever and however you need it. Committed to inclusivity, our Copilots adhere to WCAG 2.1 AA compliance standards, making technology accessible to everyone. With support in multiple languages, they cater to a diverse mix of end users, breaking down barriers and fostering a global community.

Experience the future of technology-driven solutions with SMART AI Copilots, where innovation is not only about enhancing efficiency but also about offering personalised, accessible, and inclusive support tailored to the unique needs of every user.


The SMART Teaching Copilot empowers educators with advanced course customisation tools and a comprehensive educational toolkit, streamlining lesson planning and fostering interactive course creation. This transformative support liberates educators from administrative tasks, enabling them to prioritise student interaction and development while enhancing the overall teaching experience.

By automating routine tasks and offering personalised guidance, these tools transform educators' workflows, fostering an environment of enriched student-teacher interactions and fostering individual student growth.

SMART Teaching Copilot Interface
SMART AI Copilot Learning User Interface


Tailored specifically for students, this cutting-edge AI-powered suite redefines the learning experience by offering an array of features aimed at personalising learning paths and providing invaluable support.

With the SMART Learning Copilot, students gain access to real-time assistance, AI-driven insights, and personalised guidance, ensuring immediate help aligned with their unique learning styles and preferences. The suite's multi-channel support and scalability ensure consistent and adaptable assistance across various platforms, guaranteeing a seamless learning experience.

The result? An enriched educational experience that empowers students to excel in a dynamic and supportive learning environment.


By leveraging Generating AI, the SMART Copilot for Local Government not only deflects routine queries but also ensures accuracy and responsiveness, thereby optimising resident-council interactions. This approach streamlines operations, allowing council personnel to focus on more complex and critical matters. By freeing up valuable resources, council personnel can focus on strategic initiatives, improving service quality and responsiveness for residents while driving efficiency within local and regional government operations.

Experience the future of efficient and resident-centric government service with the SMART Copilot for Local Government.

SMART AI Copilot for Local Government
Explore Channels

Explore Channels

Provide an always-on, 24/7 digital front door across multiple contact channels - website, phone, email, social and live chat

Explore Copilot for Education

Explore Copilot for Education

Browse our SMART: Copilot Suite for Education - enhancing the experience for educators and students

Explore Copilot for LRG

Explore Copilot for LRG

Browse our SMART: Copilot Suite for Local Government - enhancing user experience and operational efficiency

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