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Our SMART: Mesh introduces a collaborative platform where your AI system evolves through shared learning from a network of other Assistants. By integrating seamlessly into the SMART: Mesh, your Organisational Language Model (OLM) continually receives relevant updates and insights.

This innovation ensures that your AI not only gains from collective experiences but also adapts dynamically to changing trends. Beyond just data collection, SMART: Mesh meticulously analyses information to identify anomalies, extract valuable insights, and enhance overall performance. Embrace the power of collaborative intelligence and witness how SMART: Mesh shapes AI innovation for your organisation's benefit.


SMART Mesh - AI update features


  • Collaborative Learning: Enables AI systems to learn from and contribute to a network of other Assistants within SMART: MESH.

  • Continuous Updates: Integrates seamlessly with your Organisational Language Model (OLM), providing ongoing relevant updates from the interconnected AI network.

  • Anomaly Detection: Analyses data meticulously to identify irregularities and anomalies within the collected information.

  • Performance Optimisation: Utilises shared insights to enhance AI performance and adaptability to emerging trends.

SMART AI learning Mesh features


  • Enhanced Learning: Your AI system gains from shared experiences and collective knowledge, boosting its learning curve exponentially.

  • Adaptive Intelligence: Adapts dynamically to changing trends and evolving industry landscapes through continuous updates and shared learning.

  • Improved Performance: Drives improved AI performance by optimising strategies based on the collective intelligence acquired from SMART: Mesh. 

  • Efficiency and Relevance: Ensures the relevance and efficiency of your AI by incorporating insights and experiences from a wider network, avoiding isolated learning.

Explore Channels

Explore Channels

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Explore Copilot for Education

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Explore Copilot for LRG

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