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SMART Email transforms email management by leveraging AI and machine learning to automate and improve the speed and accuracy of responses. This advanced solution escalates high-risk enquiries like complaints to boost first-time resolution rates and free up capacity. It intelligently deflects inbound emails by understanding their meaning and intent, requiring no agent intervention, and addressing the inefficiencies of traditional email communication.

Email, a preferred channel for many, often leads to prolonged interactions. SMART Email addresses this by actively managing common queries such as change of address or service questions with over 90% success. This not only clears backlogs but also enhances the overall user experience, making email a more effective and efficient channel for both users and your organisation.


SMART AI Email Features


  • Human Parity Performance: Achieves more than 90% accuracy in categorising and responding to emails, ensuring reliable and precise communication.

  • Automated Categorisation: Identifies and categorises common email subjects like "change of address," while promptly escalating high-risk categories such as "complaints."

  • Boosted First-Time Resolution Rates: Automates responses to frequent queries, enhancing resolution rates and freeing up capacity for more complex issues.

  • Automation of Data Collection: Directs recipients to AI Assistants for incomplete data collection, streamlining the information gathering process.

  • Self-Service: Allows users to easily access virtual self-service options, improving accessibility and convenience.


  • Improved Efficiency: Quicker response times reduce user waiting, enhancing overall efficiency and satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Automated categorisation ensures accurate email handling, improving resolution outcomes.

  • Ethical Handling: Adheres to high ethical standards, ensuring user trust and compliance with regulations.

  • User Empowerment: Encourages self-service, offering users control over their interactions and access to information.

  • Faster First-Time Resolutions: Directs users efficiently, resolving common queries quickly and reducing backlog.

  • Reduced Email Volumes: Intelligent triage means fewer emails reach your inbox, focusing your attention on matters that require human intervention.

  • Quicker Resolutions: Guides users to the best answers, resolving queries in minutes and eliminating wait times.

  • Reduced Costs: Saves on manpower dedicated to first-line support, enhancing infrastructure and staff satisfaction.

SMART AI Email Benefits
ICO Logo

Information Commissioners Office

To address the ICO’s manual backlog of change of address emails, ICS.AI developed SMART Email, an AI solution that automates email interactions.

ICS.AI worked with the ICO’s team to analyse emails and identify common requests and questions. Machine learning models were then optimised to handle these emails with a success rate of 95%.

The machine learning model now works in real time, handling around 5,000 emails per month and redirecting users to a form on the ICO’s website. Once completed, the form updates the ICO’s customer relationship management (CRM) system.


SMART Email not only streamlines your email management process but also transforms how your organisation handles communication, making it more efficient, responsive, and user centric. By integrating SMART Email,you pave the way for quicker resolutions, reduced costs, and improved user experiences, ensuring that your organisation stays ahead in the digital era.Embrace SMART Email for a future where email management is no longer a chore but a strategic advantage.


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