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SMART Teaching & Learning Copilot


Revolutionise the educational experience with our SMART Teaching and Learning Copilot. The Copilots not only enhance learning through personalised AI-driven insights but also empower educators with comprehensive curriculum development tools and AI interaction monitoring.

For educators, this advanced platform simplifies lesson planning and content creation, providing tools to enhance or develop new course materials, and enables more time for direct engagement with students. It puts educators in command of AI applications, ensuring a personalised learning journey for each student based on specific course content. For students, the Copilot offers personalised virtual tutoring, including interactive Q&A, AI-driven tests, and features like "Review My Work" for tailored feedback and revision suggestions, aimed at boosting academic performance.


This dual approach promotes a more interactive, engaging learning environment, potentially improving student exam results by 10-15% through better understanding and support.

At its heart, they democratise AI-enhanced learning, ensuring every student benefits from personalised educational experiences while giving educators the resources to innovate and closely track AI-student interactions. This dynamic ecosystem nurtures an engaging and responsive educational atmosphere for students and teachers alike.

SMART AI Copilot for Teaching and Learning Diagram


SMART AI Copilot for Students Features


  • Virtual Tutoring: Provides a personalised virtual tutor experience, assisting students in comprehending complex course materials.

  • Interactive Q&A: Facilitates instant answers to course-related questions, deepening students' understanding of subjects.

  • Test My Knowledge: Features AI-driven tests and quizzes tailored to the specific course content, helping students assess their knowledge and understanding.

  • Review My Work: Allows students to submit completed or partial assignments for AI-generated feedback, enhancing their learning process.

  • Help Me Revise: Offers intelligent revision suggestions to improve students’ academic work.


  • Personalised Learning: AI tailors explanations to individual learning levels, fostering deeper subject understanding.

  • Enhanced Academic Performance: AI feedback refines work pre-submission, improving quality, grades, and subject mastery.

  • Focused Exam Preparation: AI administers targeted tests, helping pinpoint weak areas for more effective study.

  • Expanded Educational Access: AI guides finding diverse learning materials, enriching learning experiences.

SMART AI Copilot for Students Benefits


SMART AI Copilot for Educators Features


  • Rapidly AI Enable Existing Courses: Empowers educators to create and maintain a course AI schema, linking AI instructions to course materials stored in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or other sources.

  • AI Behaviour Influence: Enables educators to influence the AI's interactions with students through integrated prompting instructions within the course schema.

  • Educational Insights & Content Creation Tools: Provides valuable insights into how students utilise their copilots, along with advanced tools for educators to create AI-assisted course content efficiently.

  • Create Teaching and Learning Content: Provide a time-saving advantage in education by swiftly generating customised teaching and learning content, enhancing the efficiency and diversity of educational resources.


  • Enhanced Course Customisation: Teachers can tailor the AI's guidance to align with specific course content, ensuring a cohesive learning experience that supports teaching objectives.

  • Consolidated Educational Toolset: The AI's multifaceted capabilities for lesson planning, content explanation, and interactive lecture creation enable educators to efficiently prepare engaging and inclusive lessons, accommodating various learning styles.

  • Educator Efficiency Enhancement: This AI tool significantly reduces the time required for lesson preparation and content creation, allowing educators to focus more on direct student interaction and personal development, a crucial benefit in the face of increasing workloads.

  • Insightful Engagement Analysis: The AI provides valuable data on student interactions with the virtual tutor, aiding teachers in tailoring their strategies to student needs and evaluating the effectiveness of their teaching methods.

SMART AI Copilot for Educators Benefits


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