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SMART Children's Services Copilot


The SMART Children's Services Copilot is a ground breaking tool designed to transform the delivery of children's services by providing timely responses and essential case updates to families. Utilising the latest in advanced AI technology, this Copilot ensures that families are supported swiftly and efficiently, significantly enhancing their peace of mind and engagement with child welfare systems. It is specifically tailored to keep families well-informed and connected, ensuring transparency and trust in the services provided.

At the same time, the SMART Children's Services Copilot is an invaluable asset for staff, offering streamlined workflows and automations that liberate precious time and resources. By handling routine tasks and harnessing AI for critical insights, the Copilot allows social workers and staff to dedicate their focus to complex cases and deliver specialised support where it is most needed. This dual approach not only improves service delivery for families but also enhances the working environment for staff, potentially leading to 5-20% savings in time and costs.

By fostering a more responsive, efficient, and focused service environment, the SMART Children's Services Copilot stands as an essential component in the modernisation of children’s services.


Aim: Provide a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing universal, targeted, and specialised offerings, aimed at minimising the number of children becoming 'children in need.' Focus our specialised services on these children to maximise their life opportunities and outcomes.

SMART AI Children's Services Copilot Pillars


  • Community Capacity​

  • Prevention​

  • Services to Support Independence​

  • Proportionate Assessments​

  • Resolution at Front Door​

  • Home First Approach​

  • Digital First Approach​

  • Strength Based Practice


  • Maximising Income - Upstreaming Financial Assessments, ​Benefits Maximisation​

  • Maximising Continuing Health Care

  • ​Reviewing Existing Cases​

  • Safeguarding – Managing Demand​

  • Support to Self-Funders​

  • Shared Lives


SMART AI Children's Services External Copilot
SMART AI Children's Services External Copilot Features


  • Generative AI Integration: Utilises advanced AI to streamline case management and support planning for children's services.

  • Enquiry Management and Signposting: Guides families to appropriate services and information swiftly.

  • Real-Time Case Updates: Provides families with timely updates on case status and next steps.
    Safeguarding Alerts: Ensures immediate attention to safeguarding concerns, prioritising child safety.


  • Self-Service Tools: Enables families to access information and perform self-assessments related to their cases.

  • Multichannel Communication: Facilitates interaction via web, phone, and email, enhancing service accessibility.


  • Enhanced Accessibility: Simplifies the process of finding and accessing child services.

  • Immediate Support: Offers real-time assistance and updates, keeping families informed.

  • Increased Safety: Focuses on child safety with prompt responses to safeguarding alerts.

  • Empowered Self-Service: Provides tools for families to manage their interactions with services independently.

  • Efficient Information Retrieval: Delivers quick and accurate responses, improving overall satisfaction.

SMART AI Children's Services External Copilot Benefits


SMART AI Children's Services Internal Copilot Pillars
SMART AI Children's Services Internal Copilot Features


  • Generative AI Integration: Applies AI to optimise case assessments and planning for child welfare.

  • Case Management Efficiency: Streamlines case handling, from initial enquiries to complex case work.

  • Automated Workflows: Reduces time on administrative tasks, allowing for more focus on direct child and family support.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Enhances decision-making with analytics on case trends and outcomes.

  • Scheduled Reviews and Updates: Automates the management of case reviews and follow-ups for continuous care assessment.

  • Resource Allocation: Ensures optimal use of resources for targeted support and interventions.


  • Streamlined Operations: Makes managing child services cases more efficient, reducing administrative load.

  • Focused Child and Family Support: Frees staff to concentrate on high-need cases and direct support.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Provides valuable insights for better planning and intervention strategies.

  • Increased Efficiency: Saves time with automated processes, leading to quicker case resolutions.

  • Improved Case Outcomes: Supports more effective and personalised care strategies for better child and family welfare.

SMART AI Children's Services Internal Copilot Benefits


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