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Our Commitment to Social Values  


Grove House

Lutyens Close



RG24 8AG

In an era of heightened social responsibility, aligning with suppliers who not only deliver exceptional technological capabilities but also demonstrate a dedication to social values is crucial. At ICS.AI, we understand that the public sector's choice of technology partners goes beyond just seeking innovative solutions - it demands a shared commitment to societal progress and sustainable development, inclusive growth, and enhanced community wellbeing.


Our SMART: AI platform is not just a tool for efficiency; it is an embodiment of our commitment to addressing critical social issues. By partnering with us, public sector organisations can be confident that they are collaborating with a supplier that values meaningful impact alongside technological advancement. Here’s how our technology and policies manifest these core values in practical, impactful ways: 

Fighting Climate Change

Our SMART: AI platform advances public sector efforts to combat climate change. By driving digital transformation, we help reduce carbon footprints through the minimisation of physical infrastructure needs and associated energy consumption. Our platform enables effective 24/7 self-service and automation of routine enquiries, thereby cutting down on the need for extensive office setups and reducing commuter-related environmental impacts. In keeping with government targets to lower greenhouse gas emissions, our travel policy prioritises public transport and minimises travel by conducting 90% of client interactions online.  

COVID-19 Recovery

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, our platform has become essential in supporting resilient and flexible public services. It alleviates the burden on frontline staff by providing robust self-service options that operate across multiple channels around the clock, ensuring uninterrupted access to services during social distancing measures. Our technology’s capacity to handle sudden spikes in demand proved invaluable not only during the pandemic but also in subsequent crises, such as the Ukraine refugee situation and the cost-of-living crisis, thereby enhancing the sector's readiness for future challenges.

Promoting Equal Opportunity

Our platform is designed with accessibility and inclusivity at its core, adhering to WCAG 2.1 AA standards to ensure usability for people with disabilities. We support multiple languages to aid non-native speakers and foster inclusivity across diverse demographics. This commitment ensures that all community members have equitable access to public services, irrespective of physical ability or language proficiency.

Enhancing Community Wellbeing

By providing continuous access to public services, our SMART: AI platform contributes to reducing stress and enhancing life quality for all users. Automation of routine tasks allows public sector organisations to focus more on personalized support where it’s needed most, thus elevating overall service quality and user satisfaction. Our platform’s support for multiple languages and accessible interfaces ensures comfortable and independent interaction for individuals facing language barriers or disabilities.

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