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AI Compliance and Core Values

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People are increasingly becoming aware of the need for a compliance model when using Artificial Intelligence in GOVTECH but where to start? Ethics, Inclusion, Accessibility and Trust are huge subjects, but how do you set and apply standards in the brand-new area of AI? 

There are many initiatives across the industry, but most are currently academic in nature. Our framework addresses these challenges from a practical perspective. The ICS.AI GOVTECH AI Framework is a combination of technology, process and consulting helping you to select, configure and deploy solutions across each of the four key areas of AI compliance. 

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ETHICS, Standards and Compliance

Artificial Intelligence will not only revolutionise the way our society works but will alter the very way we live. Through the power of AI, great opportunities for prosperity and growth have risen for citizens. AI also gives rise to certain ethical risks which demands frequent attention. The AI powered Ethics Compliance module deploys regular and specific checks, ensuring they are properly managed.


Our Ethical Compliance module will deploy specific checks to minimise any risks as follows:

  • Zero Bias Ethics Standards

  • Algorithmic Validation

  • Profanity Check

  • Ethical AI portrayal 

  • Ethical Standards for the Vulnerable

  • Transparency Dashboard

Contact us if you would like to know more about our ETHICS, Standards and Compliance module. 

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INCLUSION, Language and Diversity


Here at ICS.AI we are deeply engaged with ‘Inclusive Design’, a methodology that enables us to include and draw upon the full range of human diversity. The unique design principals are a ‘zero’ bias approach, ensuring all individuals are approached in an inclusive manner. We believe our inclusion strategies and tools are essential for all groups of people within any organisation. Our strategy works proactively on behalf of the individual ensuring their needs are met regardless of ability. 

Our Inclusion Compliance module can monitor user interactions and engagement with:

  • Multi-Lingual Support

  • Speech Recognition

  • Text-to-Speech

  • Numerous Personalisation Capabilities

  • Minimal Technology Competency 

  • Access at your own speed

Contact us if you would like to know more about our INCLUSION, Language and Diversity module. 

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TRUST, Privacy and Security

Here at ICS.AI we believe that ‘Privacy is a human right’ and have built the ‘Privacy by Design’ technology stack to promote this ideal. Privacy centres around control. Without it, the individual is unable to keep their personal and identifiable information secure. Our solution believes in giving back control ensuring personal information can be collected, used and disclosed whenever necessary.

The Trust Compliance module places authority back in the hands of the individual by monitoring the following:

  • Privacy Controls

  • Encryption of Sensitive Data

  • Identity Validation

  • GDPR Compliance and Transparency

  • Store and Process Data in any region

  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Plan

ICS.AI are actively exploring participation with Project DECODE, giving people ownership of their personal data.


Contact us if you would like to know more about our TRUST, Privacy and Security module. 

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ACCESSIBILITY, Physical and Device

Regardless of an individual’s disability or impairment, our AI Stack has been designed to provide computer accessibility to all ensuring fair access.


The Accessibility Compliance module has been specifically designed to deal with the following:

  • Speech Recognition

  • Summarisation

  • Visual Impairment

  • Text-to-Speech

  • Reading out Loud

  • Omni-Channel

  • Early Warning

Contact us if you would like to know more about our ACCESSIBILITY, Physical and Device module. 

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