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Empowering Residents with Self-Service Voice Conversational AI: The SMART Phone AI Revolution

How AI-Powered Phone Assistants are Transforming Local Government Services

As customer expectations evolve, local government councils are faced with the challenge of providing efficient and personalised services through multiple communication channels. Phone-based conversational AI has emerged as a game-changing solution to meet these demands, offering intelligent assistance through advanced natural language understanding and speech recognition technology. In this blog post, we'll explore how SMART Phone AI is revolutionising local government services by enabling user self-service and streamlining communication processes.

The Power of User Self-Service

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SMART Phone AI aims to autonomously handle up to 50% of inbound calls and reduce call waiting times by 30%, significantly improving service efficiency and user satisfaction.

The AI-driven phone platform offers a unique solution to the challenges faced by local government councils, providing AI-powered voice assistants to resolve, reply, direct, and automate common queries within the existing phone channel. This innovative approach allows residents to access services more efficiently and effectively through self-service, with seamless transfers to human agents for complex queries.

Designed specifically for public sector applications, the SMART Phone AI platform empowers local government councils to manage high call volumes while delivering exceptional service to residents. With 60% of interactions still occurring over the phone, SMART Phone AI optimises communication processes, allowing call centre agents to focus on complex queries that require human attention.

AI-Driven Self-Service in Action

The AI-powered self-service system equips residents to access information and support on over 1,000 council topics and services independently. Leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, the system understands and responds to user enquiries in a human-like manner.

Man talking on phone - SMART Phone AI

This innovative approach not only reduces wait times and improves customer satisfaction but also promotes user independence by enabling residents to navigate various council services like housing, waste management, and public transportation on their own. The self-service system is particularly beneficial for those with mobility or accessibility challenges, allowing them to access council services from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of the AI Self-Service System

In addition to enhancing user experience, the AI phone self-service system offers numerous benefits to local government councils, including:

  • Reduction in calls and wait times: Handling up to 50% of inbound calls and reducing call waiting times by 30%, significantly improving service efficiency and user satisfaction

  • Reduced workload on council staff: By automating common queries, staff can concentrate on more complex tasks and in-person interactions

  • Improved efficiency: With AI handling high volume repetitive queries, council services can be delivered more efficiently

  • Cost savings: By streamlining communication processes, councils can reallocate resources to other essential services

  • Greater accessibility: The self-service system empowers residents to access council services on their terms, regardless of mobility or accessibility challenges

The SMART Phone AI revolution - transform your council

The SMART Phone AI revolution is underway, transforming local government services by enabling user self-service and streamlining communication processes. By embracing phone-based conversational AI, councils can enhance resident experience, improve efficiency, and better serve their communities. The future of local government services is here, and it's powered by SMART Phone AI.

Webinar: It's good to talk - find out more about SMART Phone platform at our next webinar with Socitm on 10th May at 1pm - register here (for non Socitm members, include "Invited by ICS.AI" in the registration form to gain access to the event).

Get in touch to discuss how SMART Phone AI could transform your council customer service.



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