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SMART: Phone - Revolutionising Self-Service in Local Government 

Empower residents with AI-powered phone assistants for a more efficient and personalised customer experience 

Phone-based conversational AI is revolutionising the way organisations engage with customers, offering intelligent assistance through advanced natural language understanding and speech recognition technology. Our SMART Phone AI assistants empower users with self-service, resulting in a more efficient and tailored customer experience. Local government councils can leverage SMART Phone AI's potential to decrease inbound call volumes by up to 50% and reduce waiting times by 30%, effectively addressing challenges and streamlining communication processes. 

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  • Omnichannel AI: Seamless assistance across resident contact channels  

  • Reduction in calls and wait times: Handling up to 50% of inbound calls and reducing call waiting times by 30%, significantly improving service efficiency and user satisfaction

  • Pre-trained: on 1,000+ council topics and services   

  • Advanced natural language understanding: Conversational and intuitive query handling  

  • Cutting-edge speech recognition: Effective processing of accents and dialects

  • Real-time conversations: Instant support and reduced wait times  

  • Multilingual support: 108 languages and regional accents catered for  

  • Easy integration: Seamless implementation with existing infrastructure  

  • Continuous learning: Adapting and improving performance over time  

  • Seamless handover to humans: Transferring residents to human agents when needed 

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  • Enhanced user experience: Faster, more accurate responses increase customer satisfaction  

  • Improved efficiency & cost saving: Reduced need for large customer support teams  

  • 24/7/365 self-service availability: Round-the-clock assistance for residents

  • Increased productivity: Freeing up support teams for more complex tasks

  • Seamless integration with council systems: Smooth user experience  

  • Personalised service: Tailored recommendations and services based on data and analytics  

  • Scalable solution: Accommodate growing call volumes and customer demand  

  • Data-driven insights: Make informed decisions and optimise business strategies 

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SMART Phone AI empowers local government councils to manage high call volumes while delivering exceptional services to residents. Our AI-powered self-service system equips residents to access information and support on over 1,000 council topics and services. By leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, the system understands and responds to user enquiries in a human-like manner, improving customer satisfaction and increasing the efficiency of council services.  


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