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Enhancing Local Elections with Conversational AI: A Game-Changer for UK Councils

The local elections process in the UK is an integral part of democracy, where residents have the opportunity to choose their local council representatives. In recent years, technology has played a crucial role in enhancing and streamlining the process, but the introduction of conversational AI is set to revolutionise the way UK councils manage and support local elections.

In this blog post, we will discuss how this powerful AI technology, available on multiple channels and accessible 24/7, can help UK councils during the local elections process.

Man voting in elections

Expediting Voter Registration

A key challenge in local elections is ensuring that all eligible voters are registered. Conversational AI can help UK councils automate the voter registration process by answering questions, guiding residents through the online registration portal, and providing assistance on required documents. This can lead to increased voter turnout and a more inclusive electoral process.

Streamlining Election Logistics

Managing logistics during election season is a complex and time-consuming task. Conversational AI can help councils coordinate resources more efficiently by automating tasks such as managing polling stations, assigning staff, and scheduling election day activities. This can reduce human error and ensure that the electoral process runs smoothly.

Enhancing Voter Education

Voter education is critical for fostering informed decision-making during local elections. Conversational AI can serve as an accessible source of information, providing residents with details about candidates, policies, and voting procedures. By offering tailored and accurate information, AI can empower residents to make better-informed choices at the polls.

Polling station

Providing Real-Time Support

Election day can be extremely busy, with residents seeking assistance on various issues, such as locating polling stations or reporting problems. Conversational AI can provide real-time support, handling queries and troubleshooting issues in a timely and efficient manner. This can reduce pressure on council staff and ensure that all residents receive the help they need.

Increasing Accessibility for Disabled Voters

Conversational AI can greatly improve the voting experience for disabled voters by offering tailored assistance and support. AI assistants can help visually impaired voters navigate websites, provide audio descriptions of candidate information, and offer sign language support for deaf voters. This not only ensures that disabled voters are not left behind but also fosters a more inclusive election process.

Monitoring Social Media and Public Sentiment

The power of AI in analysing and understanding public sentiment can play a crucial role in the local elections process. Conversational AI can monitor social media platforms and other online forums to identify trending topics, concerns, and questions related to the elections. Councils can then address these issues proactively, ensuring transparency and fostering public trust.


The introduction of conversational AI in the local elections process holds immense potential for UK councils. By automating tasks, providing personalised support, and fostering inclusivity, AI can help streamline the electoral process, improve voter engagement, and ultimately strengthen democracy at the local level. As this technology continues to evolve, it is poised to become an indispensable tool for UK councils and a game-changer for local elections.

The SMART AI Platform by ICS.AI

The ICS.AI SMART AI platform is designed to offer cutting-edge solutions for local councils, particularly during peaks in resident demand such as the election season. Pre-trained on over 1,000 topics and questions, the platform is ready to serve residents from day one. Available 24/7/365 across multiple resident contact channels, it promotes self-service with human-like responses, and ensures easy access to information during busy council times, such as elections.

As we approached local elections, our AI assistants have experienced a significant increase in queries related to election logistics and support. The availability of the AI assistant not only delivers real-time answers to residents but also frees up valuable staff time to focus on the election itself. By leveraging the SMART AI platform, local councils can streamline processes, enhance voter experience, and ultimately make the most of technology to support democratic processes.

Data from 161 conversations from 7 UK Councils using our SMART AI platform shows recent local election queries from residents have included:

  • Where to vote, who is running, and how to apply for election roles

  • Details about upcoming elections and changes to election laws

  • Requests for contact information for election officers

  • Details on how to submit nomination papers

  • Clarification on ID requirements for voting

  • Queries around how to ensure they are registered to vote

  • Contact details for election services

Our SMART AI Assistant helped the Councils provide answers to resident queries, in real-time, without waiting in a queue to speak to a representative, at a 90%+ accuracy rating.

Get in touch to discuss how Conversational AI could support your council during busy peaks in resident demand.



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