Human Parity Performance AI

If you can say it, you can do it

Meet the world’s first
Human Parity Performance AI Assistant

Your organisation is facing a challenge. With an ever-growing number of systems, processes and queries, frustration is likely.

To serve well, you need to simplify, scale and automate. 
But you need more than a chatbot.

You need a seasoned employee you can trust. 
Now you can have it – we've created the world’s first AI Assistant that achieves Human Parity answering questions with over 90% accuracy.

Ben Cummins, Managing Director of Qwest

“Fortunately we had a 24/7 AI Digital Assistant on the council’s website, so when our agent capacity was suddenly redirected to deal with a huge increase in citizens’ demand relating to Coronavirus, we were able to switch to using our AI Digital Assistant to help hundreds of our residents."

What is Human Parity Performance? 

When we say our AI is as good as humans, we mean it 

It took us 5 years of hard work.  
For us, Human Parity Performance is more than a sales pitch. 
The average first time resolution rate for a human contact centre agent is 84.5%. Our AI outperforms this result in all the use cases, hitting 90% and above success rates. 
Many chatbots are not effective because they only do one thing. 

Our AI Assistants are so successful because they are pre-trained with hundreds of intentions relevant to your sector. And thanks to their Learning Mesh, they constantly learn from different bots in their network. 


Find the SMART AI Assistants for your sector

Built on the Microsoft Platform, SMART AI Assistants provide a One Stop Solution for all your internal and external AI Assistant uses cases. Start with a single Assistant and grow over time. 

Meet the SMART AI Assistants 

SMART AI Assistants Benefits



Provide instants 24/7 across thousands of pre-trained topics




Re-deploy contact staff to higher value activities such as outbound, high-risk or complex queries



Allow users to self serve common tasks with robotic automation



Provide access to all with a highly accessible AI Assistant by Phone, Web or Smart Speaker


intelligently triage queries and route them to either AI answers, Humans if available or book appointment if not.  



Manage risk by detecting sensitive use and provide ethically compliant answers or actions 



As part of a learning mesh your assistant is constantly learning from your users and others



 See real time analytics of what users are asking together with trends 

SMART AI Assistants Business Case

AI Assistants are an inevitable investment in the future of our organisations. Digitalisation and hybrid working models mean we will need AI to help us manage increasingly interconnected processes and data. 
With complexity on the rise, it's only AI Assistants that can make our work easier and more effective.



All for as little as *£2147 per month.

Why Us?

We love what we do, and we believe in changing the world. That’s why we focus on the Public Sector - to improve people’s quality of life.

But also, the Public Sector only trusts successful and replicable solutions. And we’ve got them.

Explore our success stories and learn more about the benefits of AI.

Is Artificial Intelligence Ethical?

To use Artificial Intelligence, people need to trust it will do what it’s designed to do – help them. 
Our AI products have Ethical Edge, which means they react appropriately to sensitive content. 

Our AI Assistants enhance the user experience, foster your organisation's core values and protect your reputation. 

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