If you’re looking for a partner who is passionate about Artificial Intelligence then you’ve come to the right place.

The AI Transformation revolution has begun. Significant value is waiting to be unlocked through the positive and progressive use of Artificial Intelligence – by re-engineering the old and re-imagining the new.​

AI Transformation builds on and supersedes Digital Transformation. Artificial Intelligence overcomes the challenges of user engagement with conversational interfaces, evolves as your challenges do with machine self-learning, senses and understands the physical world with neural networks and overcomes the near insurmountable challenges of fragmented big data by algorithmically unifying organisational data silos.


Taken together, AI has the potential to transform your organisation into a self-learning, proactive and highly agile entity. How do you harness this potential?

ICS.AI are the UK’s first Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner and we have combined and integrated the critical elements required for an effective AI Transformation journey.


13 Chatbots, 60+ Skills

  • OneStop Multi-Turn Concierge

  • Integrated Analytics

  • Realtime AI Compliance

  • Alexa, Google, Cortana Compatible

5 Neural Net Scenarios

  • Deep learning Neural Networks

  • Semantic data graphs

  • Algorithmic data ingestion

  • Elastic Machine Learning 

22 Automation Services

  • Intelligent Email Automation

  • NN Driven Automation

  • RPA Vendour support

  • MS Stack workflow support

Elastic Learning

  • Amalgamated Data and NN's

  • Organisation wide insight

  • Organisational self-learning

  • Proactive and Predictive

Ethical AI Compliance

  • Reflex Compliance

  • Neural Network Policy Ingestion

  • Data & Decision logging

  • Data Bias Monitoring

6 Office 365/ Smart Devices 

  • Voice first kiosk UX

  • Office 365 Integration

  • IOT and Smart devices

  • Video and Images


 Artificial Intelligence can reduce Digital Transformation time and cost by up to 50%

Each organisations transformation journey will be different, and our mission is to help your organisation understand, build and execute your AI Transformation. Our AI Transformation technology helps organisations to deploy AI strategically rather than as silos of innovation. 


 Ethical AI is important to everyone and a mandatory element of AI Transformation, no organisation should risk its brand, mission or values on unpredictable technology.

AI must be taught carefully and monitored vigilantly to ensure it continues to function in the way intended. If left unchecked, self-learning chatbots will produce inappropriate answers and Neural Networks will become biased.

We have created the world's first Ethical AI compliance platform.

Our view is that any AI that doesn't have a clear ethics compliance plan and a rigorous monitoring platform is likely to be unethical. With our ICS.AI compliance platform this is will no longer be a concern for organisations.


When will you begin your AI Transformation journey.

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