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Start your Free trial of the UK’s best performing Local Government AI Citizen Assistant today

Start your FREE trial today and try out the UK’s top performing Local Government Digital Assistant currently successful answering 90%+ of queries at Southampton City Council.

A recent survey demonstrated 25% of UK council’s plan to use AI powered citizen assistants to drive digital engagement within the next 12 months.

So, to help local authorities choose the best solution for their digital citizen engagement needs, we are offering councils a *free trial of our FLEX AI Citizen Assistant for limited time only, which will be discussed in our upcoming webinar.

Currently the top performing chatbot in the UK, is our FLEX AI Citizen Assistant, outperforming 14 live citizen facing digital assistants in a recent survey.

Trained from a dataset of over 90,000 citizen questions, our digital assistant is the most sophisticated Citizen AI Assistant in the UK.

What can our digital assistant do for your residents?

24/7 Answers – Provide residents instant answers 24/7 across thousands of pre-trained topics with 90%+ accuracy

Citizen Self-Service - Allow residents to self-serve common tasks with robotic automation

Accessible to all – Provide access to all with a highly accessible AI Assistant by Phone, Web or Smart Speaker

COVID-19 & Brexit – Provide residents with the latest COVID-19 or Brexit national information with zero maintenance

If you would like to find out more information surrounding our Free AI Citizen Assistant Trial, then please visit our Free AI Citizen Assistant Trial page

Or if you would like to see us demonstrate the significant benefits of the FLEX AI Citizen Assistant live and hear us discuss the Free AI Citizen Assistant Trial offer in greater detail, then please sign up to our exclusive webinar on 10th December 2020 at 3PM via the link:

*Please be aware that Terms & Conditions Apply to the free trial*


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