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Local Government Citizen AI Assistant Trial
New Year - New Digital Citizen Engagement Strategy
with the
UK’s Top Performing AI Citizen Assistant 

Whether its COVID-19 queries or its your end of year project deadlines, we understand that your council and your contact staff are most likely very busy at the moment and are winding down for Christmas.


Which is why we want to help your local authority get started on its AI Transformation journey as quickly and as easily as possible, when you return in the New Year!


So, to help with this, we are offering all councils across the UK a *free trial of the UK’s top performing
AI Citizen Assistant – available to start at any time in the New Year.

Your council simply needs to reserve their *free trial through contacting us or filling the form below to get started this year.


Once your council has reserved their free trial for any month this year, we will then work with you step-by-step to achieve the results you desire for your residents with a new digital citizen engagement strategy.

Apply today and we can get your local authority started on its AI Transformation journey in the New Year.

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*Terms & conditions apply*


Southampton City Council SOBOT performance results

  • 94% of answers audited as correct

  • 96% of citizen queries were provided with answer

  • 98% of citizens did not ask for a human

Try the UK's best performing AI Citizen Assistant tuned for your District, County or Unitary Council

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James Marshall, Head of Customer and Communications at Southampton City council says;

“AI technology provides the opportunity for me to serve our 1.5 million customer questions in a way and at a cost that was simply not possible before. The 90%+ success rate of SOBOT in answering citizens questions supports this approach.”

FLEX AI Citizen Assistant - *Free Trial

Try out the UK’s top performing Local Government Digital Assistant currently successful answering 90%+ of queries at Southampton City Council.

What is included the *free trial?

  • ICS.AI prove the case with a fully working Citizen AI Assistant able to instantly answer thousands of different citizen queries

  • We engage with stake holders and colleagues in workshops sessions

  • We will build a compelling business case using the standard tools and data provided by ICS.AI

  • We use the trial process to understand your Go Live requirements and we will build you a costed plan to do it

*Terms & conditions apply*

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Discover the 8 ways our AI Citizen Assistant will help your residents


24/7 Answers - Provide residents instant answers 24/7 across thousands of pre-trained topics with 90%+ accuracy

citizen self service logo.png

Citizen self-service - Allow residents to self-serve common tasks with robotic automation

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COVID-19 & Brexit - Provide residents with the latest COVID-19, Brexit or partner information with trusted ever green content sources 

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Early warnings - Provide citizens with a way to flag concerns or report problems to provide early visibility 

expanded services logo.png

Expanded Services- Re-deploy contact staff to higher value activities such as outbound, high risk or complex queries

accessible to all logo.png

Accessible to all - Provide access to all with a highly accessible AI Assistant by phone, web or smart speaker 

ethically compliant logo.png

Ethically Compliant - Detect sensitive use and provide ethically compliant answers or actions

analyse logo.png

Analyse citizen needs - See real time analytics of what residents are asking, together with trends

The capabilities provided with your council's AI Citizen Assistant *Trial

Council Topics

User Experience

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*Terms & conditions apply*

capabilities slide from trial powerpoint
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Why is FLEX AI the UK's best performing AI Citizen Assistant

  1. Currently achieving a 90% + success rate answering citizen queries

  2. The UK’s top scoring AI Citizen Assistant in a study of 14 live bots

  3. Built and maintained from a training dataset of 90,000 citizen queries

  4. The UK’s only Citizen AI Assistant with an ethical response AI subsystem

  5. One of only 2 Citizen Assistants that are WCAG 2.1 accessible compliant

  6. Provides answers from multiple internal and external sources

  7. The same Assistant platform is able to be extended to help colleagues

  8. The same Assistant platform is able to be extended to Omni channel

  9. Built by ICS.AI the UK’s first Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner   

FLEX AI Citizen Assistant *Free Trial - FAQ's

Q)How long will the trial last?

A) Approximately 3 weeks.

Q) How will users access the trial?

A) ICS.AI will provide a link that can be passed to any council employee interested in participating. 


Q)Is the trial secure?

A) Yes, the site is secure and all chats with the bot are encrypted and anonymous. 


Q) Where is the trial hosted?

A) The trial site is hosted by ICS.AI in the azure UK cloud.


Q) What's the difference between the free and the paid trial?

A) The trial fee covers the configuration of your specific FAQ’s and the workshops with the stakeholder group to develop the business case.
The free trial doesn’t include these two additional items. In either case, ICS.AI pay the hosting charge during the trial period.

Q) Will any of my interactions with the chatbot be recorded during the trial?

A) The interactions with the chatbot are displayed in the BI dashboard and are all anonymous. This helps us to understand how the trial is going.

Q) Can residents participate in the trial?

A) No, this trial is specifically for council employees and designed to allow them to experience the solution first hand and consider how the chatbot could help them deliver better service to residents.

Q) What happens if I have questions during the trial?

A) ICS.AI will provide a named contact who will act as your guide during the course of the trial and answer any questions that come up,
whether business or technical.

Q) How much time will I need to spend on the trial?

A) That’s up to you, but the bot is available 24/7 and able to answer your queries so you can chat to it anytime!

Q) In what format do I provide the questions and answers for the paid trial?

A) For the paid trial, we will show you how the bot can answer your specific questions. Our preference is to receive the questions and answers in either an email or Microsoft office document like excel or word.

Q) Why is the bot taking me to the Southampton city council website?

A) As part of its training, we have worked closely with SCC and it allows us to demonstrate how we combine summarised answers and also links to more content if the user needs it.

Q) Why does the bot sometimes go to our website?

A) In the case where the local knowledge base doesn’t have an answer, the bot will provide a link. As part of the trial we connect the bot to your website to show you how easy it is.

Q) What happens if I misspell my question with the bot?

A) The chatbot is pretty good at spelling and will understand what you are saying. If it doesn’t please try again.

Q) Will it handle abuse, bad language, subversion, despair or sensitive questions?

A) Yes, the chatbot will always block inappropriate questions with a standard answer.


Q) What happens at the end of the trial if we want to go ahead with a project?

A) We can convert the trial to a deployment for you from as little as £2,083 per month and have the bot live within 6 weeks.

Q) Where does the information from the trial come from?

A) The answers are coming from the ICS.AI Local Government Knowledge base (which is part of our product) and the Southampton City Council website, which is the sample we are using for the trial. In some instances, the answer will come from your website to show how easy it is to connect to your information.

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*Terms & conditions apply*

Start your Local Government's
AI Transformation journey today

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Apply now to get started on your free FLEX AI Citizen Assistant trial

Please be aware that there are Terms & Conditions that apply to this *free trial

*Terms & conditions apply*

Want to learn more about AI for Local Government?

Check out these helpful resources, designed to help your local authority better understand what's involved in effective digital citizen engagement and how to avoid the pitfalls.

White paper on Digital Citizen Engagement using AI Assistants


To help local authorities better understand how to achieve effective digital engagement using AI Assistants and how to avoid some of the pitfalls, we have produced a free white paper on Local  Government Digital Engagement with citizens using AI Assistants.

We can help you discover more about the key benefits of digital citizen engagement, and how it can benefit your council and your citizens. Along with the white paper we have also produced a detailed study on the current use of Citizen AI Assistants in Local Government. 

The FLEX AI 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant is unlike any other AI Assistant on the market.


Currently answering over 90% of citizen queries at Southampton City Council, is our 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant, trained from a dataset of over 40,000 citizen questions, and is the most sophisticated Citizen AI Assistant in the UK.


If you would like to see SOBOT
(an ICS.AI chatbot) live on Southampton City Councils website, then please click on the button below.

Southampton City Council

sobot icon 3.jpg

Free On-Demand Local Government Webinars


Discover our wide range of
free and ready to watch on-demand Local Government webinars.


Including, our exclusive on-demand webinar with guest speaker James Marshall, Head of Customer & Communications at SCC, were we discuss the launch of the AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform and the success of our 2nd Generation  Citizen AI Assistant .The event was very well attended with nearly 25% of all UK councils registering.

If you would like to watch this on-demand webinar along with our other LRG webinars, then please click on the button below.

Whether its requesting a Council Tax application or reporting a pothole, the 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant can offer your citizens the best 'on-demand' experience available on the market. With our digital assistant, we can support you citizens with a wide range of services 24/7. 

If you would like to find out more about our 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant and how it allows citizens to engage and interact with the council in new ways, then please click on the button below.

FLEX AI 2nd Generation
Citizen AI Assistant Datasheet


Cheshire West and Chester Council

Annotation 2020-06-23 115754.jpg

Another ICS.AI chatbot that is currently live in the Public Sector is AIDA, live at Cheshire West and Chester Council.


AIDA helped the council handle a 500% increase in COVID-19 related questions from the public earlier this year. The assistant came at the perfect time for the council, as detailed logs from the assistant revealed that the council received over 300 different questions related to COVID-19 at that time.​

To see AIDA live on Cheshire West and Chester Councils website, then please click on the button below.

Is your local authority ready to start its AI Transformation journey?

We've helped Local authorities connect with hundreds of thousands of citizens across the UK with our AI technology.

Contact us today and we can help your council understand the many benefits of our AI technology and how it can help both your council and your citizens.

Your AI Transformation is our mission.

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