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Is AI the final step to CHANNEL SHIFT for local councils?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The UK's Public Sector has been implementing diverse digital strategies for decades now and it's done so mostly successfully. The digitisation of councils has so far focused on redesigning customer service for citizens, making it apt for online access and pursuing a digital by default approach. However, not all users find digital channels user-friendly.

New Channels

By creating new channels of engagement, councils have moved some users online and improved performance metrics and initial secured savings. Unfortunately, new channels also drive demand for more agents. And this is an asset that most councils cannot afford.

Failure to Complete

With many citizens still insisting on phone or email, councils suffer overwhelming spikes in traditional contact, especially during increased contact periods, like council tax arrears or school admissions terms. Failing to complete digital channel shift increases demand on already limited resources.

Meet Users where they are

That's why instead of adding more channels and driving up demand for live agents, local government should start augmenting existing channels with high-performing, customizable and well-trained AI. With AI Assistants on all channels, councils can meet customers where they choose to engage with them, improving service delivery.

Human Parity Performance

For AI to reach human parity, it needs to answer over 90% of questions correctly. For that it needs to be well-built on a pre-trained Public Sector language model. To maintain this level of accuracy, regular and automatic updates are required. With our AI you get both. Only with human parity, you can be a leader in citizen customer service.

Long term top-level performance assurance

We understand that investing time and resources in the newest technologies may be daunting. We are here to work alongside you, ensuring long-term savings, constant UX boost and increased job satisfaction for your entire team.


AI Channel Shift for your Council

Want to see how your council can benefit from AI-led customer service? ICS.AI are already working with councils like Southampton, Telford and Wrekin, Cheshire West & Chester.

Contact us or watch our recent webinar showcasing AI transformation at Southampton City Council.

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