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Learn how to digitally reshape council services from our On Demand Webinar with Cheshire West and Chester Council

AI Transformation for Local Government

Local Government has been working hard on embracing digital technology: citizens can now sort out most issues on councils' websites or by email. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation even further. 

And yet, people still struggle to find what they need online.

To help their Citizens better, councils need a SMART way to manage their digital resources, internally and externally. 
We designed our Artificial Intelligence technology to do just that. With our SMART AI Assistant, Local Government can deliver citizen assistance and streamline work. It allows citizens to find answers quickly without having to navigate complex websites. It connects to existing systems, offering accurate and context-driven content to employees whenever they need it. And it does so 24/7, in multiple languages and with over 90% accuracy, being the first AI tool in the world achieving Human Parity Performance. 

Our AI Assistants come pre-trained with hundreds of intents. You simply choose the external application (SmartChat) or internal application (SmartHub) or both, and you can trust that AI will work as an integral part of your team from day one.

SmartChat and SmartHub have different Personalities tailored to scenarios you need them working in, for instance, one Personality for Citizens Advice, one for Mental Health or one for Coronavirus Advice. You can start with one Personality and build them up according to your needs.

AI-driven Citizen Assistant

AI-driven Workplace Assistant


Citizen AI Assistant

The world's first Human Parity AI Assistant for Local Government

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Citizen AI Assistant for Local Government

SmartChat is more than a chatbot. Answering over 90% of Citizen queries, our Citizen AI Assistant for Local Government reduces calls to the contact centre by up to 25% and reduces emails to the contact centre by 50%.


Citizen AI Assistant allows citizens: 

Find information quickly and in a conversational way 24/7 

Self-serve actions in real time 

Connect to Agents via LiveChat 

Make appointments with a specific department 

With SmartChat, you can start with one Personality, and by adding new ones as you go, you can build it up into a complete AI-driven Assistant to support your citizens in everything they need.

Let us help your Council help more people

smart ai citizen assistant visual.png


This AI Assistant for Citizens works like a Customer Service Assistant for Citizens. It scales self-service and helps Citizens get answers quickly and easily, preventing bottlenecks. Our Citizen AI Assistant:

  • Pre-trained in over 800 Council Topics 

  • Correctly answers 90% + of Citizen Queries 

  • Rated UK’s No 1 Citizen Assistant  

  • Training database of over 100,000 queries 

  • Integrated Bot, LiveChat and Appointments 

  • Supervised Learning   

  • Monthly updates 



Technology is the last thing we think about when it comes to childcare. And yet, it’s AI that can help protect the most vulnerable. Our Child Care AI Assistant helps local authority provide better care.

With access to NHS and Police, our Child Care AI Assistant lets childcare institutions: 

  • Help vulnerable children 24/7  

  • Manage Children with Care Plans  

  • Reduce the admin burden 

  • Monitor vulnerable children with real-time actions  

  • Create Care skills quickly and easily  

  • Surface unlimited care sources  

  • Access care resources from any device 

adult care.png


Solutions designed to keep our senior citizens active increase their quality of life the most. Our Assisted Living AI Assistant helps senior citizens feel connected and safe. Provided with Hearing, Vision and Red Button skills, our Assisted Living AI Assistant lets you:

  • Help vulnerable citizens 24/7 

  • Manage adults in their homes 

  • Reduce the admin burden

  • Monitor citizens with real-time actions 

  • Create Care skills quickly and easily 

  • Surface unlimited care sources 

  • Access care resources from any device


The way to help people access mental health care is to make it more flexible. Our Mental Health AI Assistant streamlines mental health services, where time is of the essence. Provided with the latest generation AI technology, our Mental Health AI Assistant gives service users access to:

  • Mental Health Service Enquiry AI Assistant

  • Mental Health Triage and Signposting AI Assistant

  • Mental Health Self-Help AI Assistant 

  • AI Augmented LiveChat

  • Virtual Appointments and Consultations

  • AI Email Automation




The Coronavirus pandemic has been a blow to the economy and to our communities. Using the AI-powered technology can help us recover and mitigate similar crises in the future.

Our Coronavirus AI Assistant gives citizens access to:


  • Coronavirus Symptoms questions

  • Coronavirus National Advice

  • National Lockdown Status advice

  • National Vaccination advice 

  • Local Vaccination advice

  • Local Lockdown status and advice



Planning permissions are an essential part of shaping our neighbourhoods.

Our Planning AI Assistant helps citizens design their communities. Our Planning AI Assistant helps citizens with:

  • Planning Process Queries

  • National and Local Planning Advice 

  • Updates on decisions and progress

  • AI Augmented LiveChat

  • Virtual Appointments and Consultations

  • AI Email Automation



Workplace AI Assistant for Local Government

The world’s first Human Parity Workplace AI Assistant for local government

smarthub visual.png

Workplace AI Assistant for Local Government

SmartHub is the first AI Assistant that combines chat, LiveChat, full-screen experience and automation. This unique Workplace AI Assistant provides staff with an AI Assistant for all departments at once and achieves Human Parity Performance.

With different personalities covering IT Support, HR & Wellness and Employee Communication, Workplace AI Assistant fills the needs of any complex organisation. When your staff uses SmartHub, it saves time and resources all the while providing quality experience for the users.   
SmartHub AI Assistant lets employees:

Find information quickly and in a conversational way
Self-serve actions in real time
Connect to Agents via LiveChat
Make appointments with a specific department

With SmartHub, you get 4 Workplace AI Assistants in 1. You can start with one Personality and, by adding new ones as you go, you can build it up into a complete AI-driven Workplace Platform to support your team in everything they do.


Let us help your staff focus on what matters

it support.png


If IT is not working, your team isn’t either. With our AI-driven IT Support you can be sure your in-house and remote staff has access to a quick and easy IT assistance at any time and from any place.

  • Triage and route Colleagues to right IT assistance 24/7

  • Find IT information and answers FAQ’S, Knowledge Base, employee services, etc. 

  • Self-Service IT process such as password resets via the Bot

  • Raise tickets and query Knowledge Base from applications like ServiceNow

  • Automatically hand over from the Bot to Webchat support software



Team building in the new hybrid reality is a tough task. With HR Support AI Assistant, you
can support your staff amidst the challenges of remote working.


  • Triage and route Colleagues to right HR assistance 24/7

  • Find HR information and answers – HR, employee services, etc.

  • Self-Serve HR process Complete forms, holiday request, expenses

  • Find documents and policies, etc.

  • Access HR news and events

corp comms.png



Intranet is rarely exciting but always needed. Sadly, it doesn’t update automatically. With AI-driven Employee Comms, your organisation's entire content is always fresh, up-to-date and easy to find.


  • Surface or replace your Intranet with AI-driven content 

  • Aggregated Corporate Comms and news

  • Cognitive Search for organisation content

  • Aggregate, display and query data from multiple systems

  • Aggregate display and query data from MS Graph


A single place for all your Self-Service Automation needs. Quickly and easily create new skills in the Microsoft Power Platform, surface them with your AI Assistant and share them across the organisation.

  • Easily create Automation Skills using the MS Power, Forms or 3rd party platforms 

  • Access the skills in a single Skill Store regardless of where they were created

  • Consume skills using voice, Webchat or applications

  • Integrated into your everyday actions with the SmartHub AI Workplace Assistant

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Ben Cummins, Managing Director of Qwest

“Fortunately we had a 24/7 AI Digital Assistant on the council’s website, so when our agent capacity was suddenly redirected to deal with a huge increase in citizens’ demand relating to Coronavirus, we were able to switch to using our AI Digital Assistant to help hundreds of our residents."

AI for Local Government On Demand Materials

Check out these helpful resources, designed to help your local authority better understand what's involved in effective digital citizen engagement and how to avoid the pitfalls.


White paper on Digital Citizen Engagement using AI Assistants

To help local authorities better understand how to achieve effective digital engagement using AI Assistants and how to avoid some of the pitfalls, we have produced a free white paper on Local  Government Digital Engagement with citizens using AI Assistants.

We can help you discover more about the key benefits of digital citizen engagement, and how it can benefit your council and your citizens. Along with the white paper we have also produced a detailed study on the current use of Citizen AI Assistants in Local Government. 

sobot icon 3.jpg

Southampton City Council

The FLEX AI 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant is unlike any other AI Assistant on the market.


Currently answering over 90% of citizen queries at Southampton City Council, is our 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant, trained from a dataset of over 40,000 citizen questions, and is the most sophisticated Citizen AI Assistant in the UK.


If you would like to see SOBOT
(an ICS.AI chatbot) live on Southampton City Councils website, then please click on the button below.


Free On-Demand Local Government Webinars

Discover our wide range of
free and ready to watch on-demand Local Government webinars.


Including, our exclusive on-demand webinar with guest speaker James Marshall, Head of Customer & Communications at SCC, were we discuss the launch of the AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform and the success of our 2nd Generation  Citizen AI Assistant.The event was very well attended with nearly 25% of all UK councils registering.

If you would like to watch this on-demand webinar along with our other LRG webinars, then please click on the button below.


FLEX AI 2nd Generation
Citizen AI Assistant Datasheet

Whether its requesting a Council Tax application or reporting a pothole, the 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant can offer your citizens the best 'on-demand' experience available on the market. With our digital assistant, we can support you citizens with a wide range of services 24/7. 

If you would like to find out more about our 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant and how it allows citizens to engage and interact with the council in new ways, then please click on the button below.

Annotation 2020-06-23 115754.jpg

Cheshire West and Chester Council

Another ICS.AI chatbot that is currently live in the Public Sector is AIDA, live at Cheshire West and Chester Council.


AIDA helped the council handle a 500% increase in COVID-19 related questions from the public earlier this year. The assistant came at the perfect time for the council, as detailed logs from the assistant revealed that the council received over 300 different questions related to COVID-19 at that time.​

To see AIDA live on Cheshire West and Chester Councils website, then please click on the button below.


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Is your local authority ready to start its AI Transformation journey?

We've helped Local authorities connect with hundreds of thousands of citizens across the UK with our AI technology.

Contact us today and we can help your council understand the many benefits of our AI technology and how it can help both your council and your citizens.

Your AI Transformation is our mission.

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