Intelligent Citizen self-service across Web, Webchat, Chatbot, Phone and Video

Keep your citizens safe and informed with the Public COVID-19 Skill

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Transform the way care is delivered to the elderly
and vulnerable with Smart Assisted Living 

Transform Local Government, Citizen service engagement, delivery and operational efficiency with Artificial intelligence.

With our AI technology we can heighten your understanding of Citizen issues and priorities with our AI driven platforms and AI solutions. We can help to significantly increase your organisational insight and capabilities by connecting an AI platform to your existing systems, documents and content.

Whether its requesting a planning permission application or helping a child in care access mental health advice, with our AI technology we can intelligently route your citizens to the best engagement channel - no matter the time or place.

We can help your local authority deliver better communication, answer citizen questions 24/7 with over 90% accuracy and even help to improve your overall citizen experience, helping to benefit not only your citizens but your council also. 

We've helped Local Authorities connect with 

hundreds of thousands of citizens across the UK

Whether its booking a virtual planning permission appointment, joining a live drop-in video call with an assisted living professional, or helping citizens access 24/7 on-demand support,
our customers trust us to help to deliver a great experience for their citizens –
no matter the time, place or device.

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AI Transformation builds on and supersedes Digital Transformation.


Artificial Intelligence overcomes the challenges of user engagement with conversational interfaces, evolves as your challenges do with machine self-learning, senses and understands the physical world with neural networks.


AI overcomes the near insurmountable challenges of fragmented big data by algorithmically unifying organisational data silos.

Customer Success

Discover how ICS.AI are helping Local Councils across the UK to engage and communicate with thousands of Citizens effortlessly with the help of AI

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AI TRANSFORMATION for Local Government?

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Government AI Compliance

Conversational AI driven Student self-service

Five AI capabilities to help Universities

with today's realities

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Four sets of AI skills to support your
Remote Team

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Transform your Student Experience, NSS Scores,
and even drive up Student Performance with the
Student Satisfaction Platform

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Anticipate the needs of your students and improve
services with the Smart Campus Platform

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Transform your Student Experience, NSS Scores,
and even drive up Student Performance with the
Student Satisfaction Platform


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