Meet the world’s firstHuman Parity Performance AI


The world’s first Human Parity Performance public-facing AI Assistant


People come to your organisation with hundreds of questions.

You wish you had enough time and resources to never leave them without answers.

Now you won't have to.

 Public-facing AI Assistant

SmartChat is designed for external use. It has many Personalities to choose from; depending if you need help with Citizen Advice, Student Admissions or anything else; it comes pre-trained with hundreds of topics relevant to your specific sector.


SmartChat is ready to work for you on day one. Thanks to mesh learning it is constantly improving drawing from its own feedback and other Assistants it’s connected to, and provides you with robust analytics to help your organisation grow.

Explore the first AI Assistant in the world that achieves Human Parity never leaving users without answers.


What is Human Parity Performance?

When we say our AI is as good as humans, we mean it

It took us 5 years of hard work. 
For us, Human Parity Performance is more than a sales pitch.

The average first time resolution rate for a human contact center agent is  84.5%. Our AI outperforms this result in all the use cases, hitting 90% and above success rates.

Many chatbots are not effective because they only do one thing.
Our AI Assistants are so successful because they are pre-trained with hundreds of intentions relevant to your needs.

Find the SMART AI Assistants for your sector
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