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The FLEX AI Brexit Advice Chatbot

Brexit Operation Yellowhammer is all over the news and it indicates there may be a lot of anxious citizens for a time.

This creates a huge challenge for the Government, how do you scale contact with millions of anxious citizens virtually overnight? Even if you could employ all the contact centre staff, how would you train them in such a complex subject? We believe Artificial Intelligence can help, and so we have created a Brexit Advice Chatbot.

Citizen's simply chat to the bot in natural language and advice is provided from up to 14 trusted Brexit information sources. Local advice sources can also be added. The Chatbot can be deployed within a few hours and is available to both public sector and private organisations.

By Martin Neale, ICS.AI CEO, Co Founder

For more information on our brand-new FLEX AI Brexit Advice Chatbot, then click the link below:

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