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ICS.AI paving the way for AI success in the public sector

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

At ICS.AI we love what we do and we are proud to be the UK’s fastest growing AI company and Microsoft Gold Partner.

We care about what we do and our staff members that allow us to do it. We asked some of our employees a few questions about Artificial Intelligence and working at ICS.AI. Karolina Sima (KS), Andrew Smith (AS), Paulo Lemos (PL), Lauren Siggery (LS) and CEO Martin Neale (MN).

What makes a job exciting and what to you is exciting about AI?

KS: I don’t believe it’s what we do or even how we do it, it's about the sense of agency that we have when we feel that we have an impact on the world, that we change someone's life for the better.

The technological aspect of it is exciting, but what I believe is actually the most exciting about AI is what it enables us people to do. And what it does, it gives us more time and more space, to actually do the meaningful things so that we can focus on complex tasks and more personal tasks. And this is the way I like to think about it

What do you love about AI?

AS: So what I love about AI at the moment is just that every time you talk to a customer, there's usually multiple things you can do with this technology.

It's fantastic just to go into meetings and know that you've got a solution for problems that they've got. And I haven't been into a single meeting where I've had to say no, sorry we can’t help you.

What is the vision with AI?

MN: AI is clearly going to change everybody's life. Our vision here is that within five years, the standard way that you will engage with all organisations will be through a system, you'll be able to call them night and day in any language, ask them to do things for you and that will just become normal. People won't be calling companies or going to a website and it's exactly the same thing internally, how you're going to engage with your organisation, as an employee, you'll have your own assistant, you won't be running around looking for things, it will be doing it for you. That is our life.

What do you believe the biggest impact of having AI can be?

PL: So, the biggest impact I can experience is time-saving. AI can detect, assemble, and suggest information on the go, that will take much more time for us to do ourselves and probably with less quality than an AI does. The data it gathers creates new ways of getting insights and feedback that were not possible before. This data is constantly used to improve itself, so AI is always getting better.

Is there any achievements within the company that have made you proud to work with AI?

LS: Recently, we have worked with Cheshire West, and thanks to the AI technology that we were able to provide to them, they've been able to effectively deal with the 500% increase in COVID-19 questions that they have received, it's an incredible achievement and one that makes me proud to work for ICS.AI and within the AI industry.

Is there anything that you are working on right now or in the future that excites you?

PL: There are some enhancements that we will be doing, another live chat like live translation, for instance, where we can translate messages on fly between users and agents. And it auto detects the language that he uses switch to and start translating the messages both ways, which is pretty cool. When it comes to ongoing projects. I'm very excited about ones I'm currently in. These are two universities, one NHS trust, one city council, one public body which reports directly to the UK Parliament and a global company.

What makes your job exciting?

PL: I like a challenge and at ICS.AI I'm always allowed to speak up and contribute to improving things, not only in the product scouting, but in delivery process, or even on improving our base product. Everyone has an open-door policy. So, every idea and suggestion is openly discussed and many of them get adopted.

What are you most proud of for?

MN: The thing that I'm most proud of is really the way our team has progressed. The progression and development of our team and they are a fantastic group of people.

We've created the world's first Human Parity AI. We've done it, and it's been really a testament, we've been fortunate to work with some amazing customers and you know, our internal team have really grown, stepped up and delivered.

What would you be looking for in any new staff members?

AS: It's a start up mentality, you know, just roll your sleeves up and get on with it.

MN: Someone who's got a growth mindset, who's passionate and really wants to grow the business.

Head to our careers page to see our current opportunities so you too can join the AI revolution.


ICS.AI are industry leaders of Artificial Intelligence within the public sector.

We helped Cheshire West and Chester deal with a 500% spike in queries relating to COVID-19 with no extra strain on their team.

We helped Southampton City Council automate 30,000 inbound queries since their AI Assistant went live.

We helped Telford and Wrekin Council cut their call wait times by 30 minutes.

We can help you next. Reach out to our sales team today to see how you can achieve true AI channel shift with ICS.AI.

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