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Join us for the AI Transformation launch and discover how AI improves and reduces cost!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

ICS.AI – the UK’s only Microsoft AI Inner Circle partner invites you to join our fully interactive webinar on June 19th to learn how AI Transformation supersedes Digital transformation. The AI Transformation revolution has begun. Significant value is waiting to be unlocked through the positive and progressive use of Artificial Intelligence – by re-engineering the old and re-imagining the new.

AI Transformation builds on and supersedes Digital Transformation. Artificial Intelligence overcomes the challenges of user engagement with conversational interfaces, evolves as your challenges do with machine self-learning, senses and understands the physical world with neural networks and overcomes the near insurmountable challenges of fragmented big data by algorithmically unifying organisational data silos.

Taken together AI has the potential to transform your organisation into a self-learning, proactive and highly agile entity. How do you harness this potential? We have combined and integrated the critical elements required for an effective AI Transformation journey.

As part of our AI Transformation launch, we are offering a Free of Charge Proof of Concept*

For more information on this offer, please listen for further details during the webinar or contact

Here at ICS.AI we are excited to showcase the potential benefits AI Transformation can bring to your Police Force in our upcoming webinar on June 19th 2019 at 15:00-16:00PM.

Sign up to the webinar via the link below:

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