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Introducing the AI Customer Service Assessment - Transforming Council Operations with SMART: Phone AI

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In today’s fast-evolving public sector landscape, Derby City Council’s successful integration of AI has set a remarkable precedent. With a 45% contact deflection rate and a 40% reduction in inbound call volumes, they have demonstrated how AI can enhance business results. However, many councils face challenges in understanding how to apply these advancements to their operations and what steps are necessary to begin.  

Inspired by Derby’s success, we are excited to launch the AI Customer Service Assessment. This comprehensive program is designed to equip councils with the essential tools, knowledge, and insights needed to effectively assess phone-based AI for Customer Service operations. Tailored to simplify the complexities of initial AI evaluation, our service ensures that you are well-prepared to understand and leverage AI for transformative outcomes similar to those achieved by Derby City Council.  

What the Assessment Offers:   

  • Access to a Live Tailored Trial: Experience the SMART: Phone AI solution in action with a 30-day trial designed to address your council’s specific needs, covering over 100 standard and 10 bespoke resident queries.   

  • Comprehensive Support Materials: Gain access to trial plans and communication materials to engage your entire organisation effectively.  

  • Detailed Business Case Development: A robust business case tailored to your metrics, detailing projected returns, engagement strategies, and risk assessments to support informed decision-making and funding discussions.   

  • Insights from Council Peers: Leverage anonymised data from other successful council AI adoptions to model your expected needs, volumes and outcomes, providing a benchmark for your AI ambitions.  

  • Community of Innovators: Connect with other councils undergoing the same AI assessment – a network that fosters a supportive environment for sharing experiences and challenges.  

  • Council Mentorship Network: Learn from the experiences of councils that have successfully completed the assessment process, applying best practices and proven strategies.    

  • Regulatory Compliance Made Easy: Utilise ready-made templates for DPIA and ethics compliance, ensuring your AI implementation meets legal standards without the hassle.  


Key Benefits of the Assessment:  

  • Accelerated Learning Curve: Reduce the time and frustration associated with understanding AI capabilities and applications, helping your council move quickly to harness the benefits of AI.   

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Access unique datasets and performance metrics to inform your strategy – aiding informed choices and enhancing confidence in the expected results and outcomes.  

  • Risk Mitigation: Leverage proven technology with a full support system to navigate challenges effectively and minimise delays and errors.    

  • Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement: Broaden understanding and buy-in across your council with comprehensive demonstrations and detailed case studies, ensuring broader support for AI initiatives. 

  • Collaborative Learning and Mentorship: Leverage the support and experience of other councils to enrich your AI assessment journey – connecting with other councils actively engaged in the assessment as well as access to the wisdom of those who have successfully completed their assessment.  

"The AI Customer Service Assessment offered a firsthand look at the technology in action, showcasing the tangible benefits it can deliver. It provides a pressure-free environment to evaluate its effectiveness, allowing senior management and team members to get a taste of the product, understand its potential and the advantages it offers”. - Gemma Hancox, Customer Contact Group Manager, Telford and Wrekin Council

Experience SMART: Phone AI’s Capabilities  

With over 1 million requests processed annually and a 92% success rate, our SMART: platform is engineered to boost operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. By adopting SMART: Phone AI, councils can reduce inbound call volumes by up to 50% and cut waiting times by up to 30%, allowing staff to concentrate on high-value tasks while maintaining service levels.   

Derby City Council: A Case Study in AI Excellence  

Derby City Council’s proactive approach to AI has led to significant savings and operational improvements, setting a benchmark for other councils. With contact deflection levels at 45%, and a 40% reduction in inbound call volumes, they have demonstrated that AI can enhance business results.  

With over 750,000 questions managed via phone and website interactions, Derby City Council showcases the profound impact of AI on operations. Their initial success with AI laid the groundwork for broader transformation, where they are anticipating annual savings of £12.25m through a full AI transformation program.  

Join the AI Revolution in Public Sector Customer Service  

Adopting AI is a significant leap forward for any council looking to enhance its service delivery and operational efficiency. Backed by proven successes and comprehensive support, our AI Customer Services Assessment offers everything needed to facilitate a smooth and successful evaluation. Embark on your AI journey with us and join forward-thinking councils like Derby City Council in redefining public service delivery through technology. 

Ready to Transform Your Council’s Customer Service with AI? 

Join us at our upcoming AI Customer Service Assessment Introduction sessions to find out more and take the first step towards unlocking the potential of AI in your operations.

Discover first-hand how tailored AI solutions can enhance your service delivery, engage with industry leaders, and learn from the successes of councils like Derby City Council. Secure your spot today and be part of the movement that's redefining public service through innovative technology. 

What other Assessment participants had to say about their experience 

"The overwhelming positive feedback from the trial highlights the effectiveness of the AI in enhancing service delivery and potential for resident satisfaction. Seeing the proactive engagement and positive responses from trial participants during the trial was truly encouraging and underscores the potential of this technology in local government”.

- Rizwan Tariq, Head of Citizen Service, Bristol City Council

“Sharing the AI trial widely has provided us with invaluable insights into its real-word application and user acceptance, significantly informing and bolstering our business case for full implementation. The positive feedback indicated that the AI assistant has the potential to significantly deflect contact away from our service teams by handling common enquiries and promoting self-service”.

- Andy Hallsworth, Customer Improvement Programme Manager, Buckinghamshire Council

“The AI trial exceeded our expectations with its ability to handle queries efficiently, providing its value in improving our service delivery. Trial participants appreciated the AI’s quick and accurate responses, which will significantly enhance their interactions with council services”.

- James Lintell-Smith, Project Manager, Bristol City Council

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