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Learn how Southampton City Council's Citizen Assistant is answering 90% of Citizen queries

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

SOBOT, the Southampton City Council 2nd Generation Chatbot has achieved a 90%+ success rate when answering citizens questions

Sobot, the Southampton City Council 2nd Generation Chatbot is a great example of how Omni Channel AI technology can help councils to streamline the delivery of services to citizens. Below is an example of how SOBOT is helping Southampton City Council:

“Southampton is a vibrant historic coastal city in the south of England with a diverse community of over 250k citizens and 7000 business. Southampton City Council has recently published five-year strategy which focuses on making Southampton greener, fairer, and healthier, and ensuring the council is both a great place to work and a provider of efficient and sustainable services”.

Martin Neale CEO of ICS.AI said “James wanted to transform how Southampton engaged with its citizens; he had seen simple chatbots but felt he needed to go way beyond this to deliver Southampton’s vision. In our experience people’s expectations of a virtual assistant are high, set by products like Alexa and Google Assistant. If the experience does not compare, then most people’s instant response is to regard the bot as “dumb” and not use it again. We have worked with James for over a year to produce one of the most sophisticated virtual assistants in the country. SoBot is our second-generation Citizen digital assistant trained with a data set of nearly 40000 citizen questions (harvested from our 1st generation assistant) which is a big part of why it is so successful. Sobot is a key component of our AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform, a service which allows users to find answers and get assistance by Phone, Webchat, Chatbot, Email and Video”.

See SOBOT live on Southampton City Councils website:

Or if you would like to speak with a member of the ICS.AI team to discuss our AI products in more detail or to book a demo with us, then please click on the link below:

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