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ICS.AI and Derby City Council: Pioneering Innovation at the LGC Awards

Updated: Jun 20

LGC Awards 2024

As the LGC Awards and MJ Awards approach this month, we are proud to celebrate our ongoing partnership with Derby City Council, a finalist in the Innovation category at the LGC Awards and Digital Transformation category at the MJ Awards. These nominations not only honor our joint achievements but also herald the future potential of our collaborative efforts.

As we prepare for the awards ceremony, we reflect on the transformative impact of Derby City Council’s AI journey so far, initiated with the deployment of AI assistants Darcie and Ali. These digital gatekeepers, active across both website and phone channels, have streamlined the management of customer enquiries while maintaining service quality and boosting operational efficiency.  

Acting as a digital front door to council services, this pioneering use of AI demonstrates the Council's commitment to leveraging emerging technology to safeguard citizen services against a background of increasing demand and rising costs. Reflecting on the first year since launch, the statistics underscore their impact:  

  • 485,000 phone calls managed  

  • Over 1 million queries addressed  

  • 46% deflection rate of inbound contacts from human advisors, surpassing the initial target of 21%  

  • 40% reduction in call volumes through to the contact centre  

  • Significant financial savings, contributing to the council’s Medium-Term Financial Plan and allowing reinvestment in handling complex queries while maintaining traditional contact channels  

The recognition at the LGC Awards showcases our shared commitment to enhancing community engagement and operational efficiency in the face of financial constraints and rising demands. The success of these AI initiatives has set new standards in public sector efficiency through strategic AI implementation, paving the way for the next phase of AI transformation.  

Looking forward, our collaboration is already advancing to expand AI capabilities into additional service areas such as Adult Social Care and Debt Management. This expansion is set to revolutionise services further, projecting annual savings of £12.25 million annually, thereby reinforcing Derby City Council’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and innovative public service.  

Paul Simpson, Chief Executive of Derby City Council, remarks, “Derby City Council is a trailblazer in using AI technology. We believe it presents some incredible opportunities, and that used safely and ethically, can help to deliver the best outcomes for our citizens in a more efficient and cost-effective way.”

We extend our congratulations and best wishes to all the finalists at the LGC Awards and MJ Awards and look forward to continued innovation that drives significant improvements in public service delivery. 

Find out more about Derby’s AI Journey:

If you’d like to find out more about Derby City Council’s journey with AI, download the recent webinar recording where multiple colleagues from across the Council gave their insights into AI transformation at the council.  

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