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HCPC introduce the FLEX Office 365 intranet solution to support and improve their IT systems

HCPC –the Health and Care Professionals Council are a London based regulatory body set up to protect the public. They hold and publish a register of health and care professionals from 15 different professions who meet their required standards in training, professional skills, behavior and health.

HCPC had undertaken an IT systems improvement program and had invested in Office 365.They decided as part of the implementation they would purchase a new intranet solution compatible with 365. They were struggling as they had seen major growth over a 5 to 10 year period and as such were finding internal communication difficult and had the added problem of silo working which needed to be addressed. Although the Lotus notes intranet was a key part of the culture, a solution better suited to a larger organisation was needed.

With no internal development staff, HCPC looked for a packaged solution that met their requirements, they went to tender and a decision was made by board scoring. ICS.AI and FLEX stood out to them as it utilizes the SharePoint platform, has the controls in place that are needed for their ISO standards as well as an intuitive user interface. It quite literally ticked all of the boxes.

ICS.AI gathered requirements using an internal survey, we found that fitting in with the culture of the organisation was a driving force in their decision and they needed a solution which included employee feedback, social benefits to employees, improved internal communications, a user friendly search facility and an easy to use way of adding content.

HCPC are now benefiting from a dynamic integrated 365 intranet solution which has been rolled out to all of its 250 employees. The feedback is positive, FLEX has given the business a user friendly tool with improved document creation and management, the ability to work remotely giving employees the flexibility to work from home and increased user engagement and adoption across the business. They were really impressed with ICS.AI and the relationship they had throughout the project.

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