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Deliberately Digital with UCISA

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Our team had a blast at the UCISA Deliberately Digital event last week! We believe that as a member-led professional body for digital practitioners within education, UCISA is the perfect organisation to take the lead on this subject.

Digitisation is not a one-time thing, it’s a process we all take part in. Sharing ideas and hearing out professionals from the sector is what inspires us to keep going.

Karolina Perez Sima, Marketing Content Specialist, ICS.AI

That’s why our education team particularly loved the fireside chat with Jo Mortimer (Head of Business Relationship Management in University of Reading), Andy Scott (Service Desk Manager in Durham University) and Rachel Fligelstone (Head of IT Support in Lancaster University). What made it a great session was them sharing insights from the ground. Running a university is not only about teaching. For learning to happen, technology, communication and admin must run as smoothly as possible. And that's when digitisation counts most.

We were guest speakers at the event, invited by our customer Durham University. Together with Elizabeth Gordon (Head of Collaboration Services at Durham) we shared the progress we've made with their AI-driven recruitment and the plans we have to transform their IT Service Desk using AI. It was a great opportunity to reflect on what has become a great partnership, and we had plenty of attendees reach out to us after the event eager to begin their AI transformation.

As a tech company, hearing about problems to solve is our call-to-action. That’s why hearing lots of universities are interested in improving their Service Desk performance is very motivational. With the new generations of students, remote learning, hybrid teams and rapid advances in the tech sector, universities must remain innovation hubs, and we will only work harder to help them achieve this goal. We know first-hand that pre-trained Conversational AI is what can scale up student services instantly and easily on this new, digital-first campus.

To take part in more UCISA networking events, go HERE, and maybe we will see you there!

In the meantime, hope your deliberately digital initiatives are going great. If you need an extra push to elevate your university’s student experience with pre-trained AI assistance:

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