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Join Microsoft and ICS.AI at an exciting AI hack hosted by the Microsoft UK Health Team!

You’re invited to join an exciting AI hack on February 6th, 2020 hosted by the Microsoft UK Health Team and ICS.AI, specially crafted for Healthcare organisations.

Join us for an action packed day where we hope will generate new ideas,help you to learn and discover new skills abilities and technologies, working with two fantastic Microsoft partners and a select group of Microsoft Cloud specialists, helping you to demonstrate how AI can be applied in your own organisation to drive real digital transformation.

The agenda is simple:


Introduction and welcome from Microsoft Health team – setting the scene for the dayIntroduction to our two fantastic partners, UI Centric and ICS.AIOverview of the briefs for the two hack streams

Lunch – very important (Lunch will be provided!)

Afternoon: Attendees will be split into two groups (A and B)Hack session 1: Group A will join ICS.AI for their hack stream, Group B will join UI Centric for their hack stream

Groups switch over

Hack session 2: Group A will join UI Centric for their hack stream, Group B will join ICS.AI for their hack stream

Roundup of the day review of hack sessions and outcomes, prizes and awards (details TBC).

Details of the hack sessions are below:

ICS.AI Hack Stream: AI Digital Assistants Hack

The brief: Most NHS Trusts will benefit hugely from intelligent digital assistants that can help both patients and staff but find it challenging to make progress due to the following issues

1. How do you ensure that your Assistant is smart enough to be taken seriously

2. How do you engage with clinical and administrative elements of the Trust

3. How do you ensure you are complying with AI ethics and privacy standards

4. How do you avoid Assistant proliferation and provide a single concierge experience like Alexa or Cortana

5. How do you ensure that Assistants created can be accessed by phone, smart speakers, websites, MS teams etc.

6. How do you quickly and cost effectively create a library of skills to cover most of the tasks users would expect

7. How do you combine Knowledge, Automation and handover skills in a single bot

8. How do you provide a single analytics platform across all skills

9. How do you ensure that you are not getting into a technical cul de sac

At the end of this hack stream you should have (with a bit of luck!):

1. An understanding, from a Practicing NHS Surgeon, Neil Howell how to position AI to your Trust

2. A live, working, new Digital Assistant personality and Hints using Microsoft Bot Framework, LUIS and FLEX AI.

3. Live and functioning Automation and Knowledge skills using Microsoft Power Virtual Assistants and Microsoft Power Automate

4. Clear Ethics compliance rules for the service

5. Be able to add the Digital Assistant and the new skills to the FLEX AI OneStop Concierge

6. A live, running, demonstrable process

UI Centric Hack Stream: Mobile Medical Consultation:

The brief: In an ever-changing media landscape, the methods in which we interact with service providers are changing. The pervasive nature of smartphones means that they are increasingly convenient to use for every day matters. We can now book tickets to our favorite events, share calendars, control your home, turn on your lights and much more… let’s therefore integrate our mobile with our healthcare more!

Your task is to design a Azure cloud connected, mobile app that utilises voice and video recognition to enable patients to contact their healthcare provider.

The idea is that the patient will record a short video or audio of their issue or condition and upload it via the app. Utilising an AI-driven back end, the system will assist in diagnosing the recordings, triage, plan out next steps (for example, setting up a GP appointment), and handle all contact with patient (for example, if additional information is required).

The task will require an intuitive user experience and user interface, and careful consideration into how communication is carried out.

At the end of this hack stream you should have (with a bit of luck!):

Wireframes,User flows,Visual design,Plan for AI-driven aspectsStorage of media (into Azure),Simple launchable version of the app

If you would like to sign up to this exciting AI hack then please register by clicking the link below:

ICS.AI look forward to seeing you there and if you have any questions about the AI Hack or anything regarding our AI products then please email

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