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ICS.AI launch brand-new Healthcare AI Transformation Platform!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I am absolutely delighted to be announcing the launch of our brand-new Healthcare AI Transformation Platform using an ethics compliant platform.

It is my firm belief that AI will not replace doctors however I do believe doctors using AI will gradually replace those who don’t. The reason AI won’t replace doctors is because our need for trusted human interaction is at its greatest when we are at our weakest. Or to put it another way would you really be happy to take the word of a chatbot about that pain in your chest?.

In truth a doctor’s role is so much more than just diagnosis and treatment, we trust doctors, they provide empathy, confidence and human engagement. The challenge we have addressed with our Healthcare AI Transformation Platform is how to maximize the time of doctors and other Healthcare workers as well as providing patients and citizens with the ability to self serve elements of their care.

So what is Ethical AI Transformation? AI Transformation supersedes Digital Transformation, we believe that an NHS Trust can achieve far more with a comprehensive AI strategy rather than incremental changes through isolated use cases. Our vision enables Trusts to pragmatically transform eventually using AI to assist with every application, process and employee. A joined up approach to AI is highly cost effective and the only way to ensure real time Ethical AI compliance across all AI uses.

AI allows us to solve problems of scale and complexity in totally new ways meaning challenges previously deemed too hard to solve are now fair game. A good example of this is connecting silos of data, a huge problem in the NHS. AI is able to connect disparate data sources and types into a single graph, it can do this algorithmically, no human intervention needed. Another example of AI’s ability to transform is in engaging with users.

Nurses, doctors and NHS staff have a bewildering number of IT systems and using them can be a real challenge. Conversational AI surface existing systems allows users to simply chat to them.

Our Healthcare AI Transformation Healthcare Platform consists of nine AI products from Patient Chatbots to Clinical Neural Networks.

- Martin Neale (CEO)

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