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ICS.AI at 3rd World Intelligence Congress, Tianjin China, May 16-19th, 2019!

Professor Tariq S Durrani OBE FRSE FREng Research Professor Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Scotland. Professor Durrani presented and made a presentation on ‘Artificial Intelligence solutions for universities and local government’ developed in partnership with ICS.AI . The presentation was included in the Summit Forum on ‘Big Data Ecosystem of Sharing Openness, Fusion and Innovation’, which covered current trends on the value chain of Big Data and Applications discussed by speakers from industry academia and government.

The focus of the Congress was “Intelligence New Era, Progress, Planning and Opportunity”, and it was a clear manifestation of the triple helix nexus of government, industry and academia for innovative development of concepts, technologies, systems and products.

Following the Plenary Opening session, the Congress opened into several parallel sessions, called Forums. Major themes of the Forums included:

Beijing- Tianjin- Hebei coordinated Development- covering aspects of building Learning Cities and Smart Cities Development, Intelligent Healthcare and Innovative Development of Intelligent Energy.

Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Development- addressing Industrial Internet development, Cloud based Intelligent Manufacturing, Innovation of Robots, and more.

Data Intelligence and Application- here the emphasis was on Big Data, its uses and applications including Data-driven Innovation; Data Lake Ecology and Data Intelligence.

Smart Life and Public Welfare – the focus was on Intelligent Transportation, Smart Television, Smart Healthcare, Vehicle-Road coordination using 5G; Intelligent Urban development.

Intelligence Empowered Economy – topics covered were - Integration of Industry and Intelligent Technology, transformation of Intelligent Industry, Intelligent development of Private Industry.

AI and S&T Innovation- Aspects of Governance, Rule of Law, AI and Security; China –EU forum on Urban Scientific Research and Innovation, were discussed.

Overall, our partnership with Professor Durrani was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our work within the public and to observe the latest AI technologies!

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