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Experience our NEW multilingual capability on the 26th February 2019!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Artificial Intelligence for Universities

Join our webinar and learn how our Microsoft platformed FLEX AI Connected Intelligence for Universities can accelerate your AI journey.

ICS.AI – the UK’s only Microsoft AI Inner Circle partner invites you to join our fully interactive webinar on February 26th to learn how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionise engagement with both Students and Staff in Universities. We will also be showcasing our brand-NEW feature of the Student Services bot – the multilingual capability!

In the 1 hour Webinar you will learn how to:

  • Become one of the first people to experience our brand-NEW multilingual capabilities for the Student Services Bot!

  • How an Intelligent Student assistant increases engagement by allowing Students to self-serve 24/7 e.g. find degrees, open days, personalised learning assistance and much more

  • How an Intelligent Staff Assistant can augment staff with 24/7 access to internal processes and information

  • How to get Student and Teacher insights from existing data by using self-learning algorithms

  • How to streamline University end-to-end workflows through intelligent process automation

Why should you attend?

Whether you're embarking on a digital transformation project or working on your Artificial Intelligence journey, you will gain further insight how Artificial Intelligence can benefit your Students and Staff.

Please sign up to the webinar via the link below:

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