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The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy introduce the FLEX HR Services Chatbot

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy introduce the FLEX HR Services Chatbot to streamline HR Services and improve internal communication

BEIS began their AI journey in the pursuit to discover an effective solution to replace their outdated HR platform. Encountering challenges with their HR platform, BEIS began to take steps to discover a solution that would be more accessible for their employees and had the capability to streamline internal communications.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) work to empower organisations across the UK to grow, invest and innovate. BEIS work endlessly to provide people around the UK the best business opportunities. BEIS employ around 3,000 staff in various regions around the UK. Business, industrial strategy, science, research and innovation and climate change are all the responsibility of BEIS.

BEIS began their AI journey by outlining their main priority, which was to create a more easily accessible HR service for their employees. Encouraging employee engagement, streamlining documents, HR services, processes, these are just some of the capabilities that attracted BEIS to choose FLEX AI.

This is a particularly exciting project for ICS.AI, as this project demonstrates how far artificial intelligence has come over the last few years and how it is now being deployed into one of the largest UK government departments in the UK. BEIS have demonstrated they are a forward-thinking organisation, leading the way in artificial intelligence whilst supporting ICS.AI a British owned company.

BEIS, Deputy Director of HR, Alison Reed first discovered ICS.AI at a Microsoft event. Impressed with Microsoft’s recommendation of ICS.AI and our FLEX AI product. BEIS decided that the introduction of the HR Services Chatbot was something that would add significant value to their business, as well as considerable benefits. One of the benefits that was identified early on, was that by rolling out the chatbot it could significantly reduce costs, which was not part of their requirements but was a massive bonus to the project.

By using FLEX, BEIS revealed substantial saving in costs by using the virtual assistant, it was later calculated that 5,000 hours of work was being saved and a remarkable £15,000 was being saved through paper, calls, business contacts etc. BEIS now believe that the chatbot has wider business benefits and are now promoting it internally throughout their organisation.

One of the challenges BEIS faced was the huge time delays which were involved in their HR process. Communications amongst different departments was often met by limitations and could take up to weeks to get documentation processed. With a recommendation from Microsoft, BEIS were impressed with our proposal and decided to begin implementing the steps to begin their digital transformation.

The solution is not live yet, however ICS.AI have been working closely with BEIS and remain to have a positive relationship. Here at ICS.AI we are working relentlessly to create a more unified, effective and accessible HR system for BEIS. We continue to work closely with their internal technical team to come up with innovative and effective ideas to improve their HR services by deploying the FLEX HR Services Chatbot.

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