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Telford and Wrekin Council add three new services to their call centre, thanks to AI

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We are excited to announce that Telford and Wrekin Council, the local authority of the year (MJ Awards 2022), are now able to provide residents with more services, thanks to the efficiency improvements provided by ICS.AI's AI Assistant, TOM.

TOM, designed to cut extremely high waiting times and shift more users to digital, has proven to be a useful tool for local residents as well as agents working in the contact centre. It is a human parity AI, meaning it is achieving over 90% resolution rates, providing great customer experience to users and taking pressure off staff.

In fact, using TOM has improved the Telford and Wrekin's team's wellbeing, decreasing long-term illness by 74% and short-term illness by 16%. This means instead of replacing humans, TOM is taking over repetitive queries, helping staff perform better, allowing them to dedicate their time to more challenging cases.

ICS.AI's Assistant's excellent user experience shows in its usage - over the last 12 months the overall self-service grew: TOM has recorded 39% increase in total chat volumes. With live chat, queries handed over to agents dropped by 67% across all services, meaning residents are needing less agent intervention.

To learn more about TOM's performance, Telford and Wrekin's experience working with ICS.AI and the technology behind TOM's great success, read the official Press Release.

For a visualisation of Telford and Wrekin Council's AI Assistant check out our Customer Case Study.

Want to see our AI in action? Book a demo!


ICS.AI are the UK's market leader in conversational AI solutions across the public sector. Based in Hampshire, we have customers across central and local governments, higher education and healthcare. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we have delivered channel shift and digital transformation with our proprietary SMART range of AI products.

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