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Microsoft Teams adoption address challenges faced within universities and colleges across the UK

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

My mind was blown at an Education Sector event at Microsoft a few weeks ago.. I learned face to face from educators that English is the first language for less than 50% of the students in some areas, yet nearly all materials are in English.

I also heard how many students are facing an epidemic of personal challenges, causing them to miss course sections and so struggle to catch up with their peers. Finally, I learned how students with a physical impairment can become disengaged both socially and literally from the education experience. Little wonder that the dropout rate is close to 20% in the worst areas. Having learned all this, I was truly inspired to see how Westminster College had used Microsoft Teams to engage students both before, during, and after their lessons to address many of these challenges. (video

In support of this, we are running a webinar with Microsoft on March 12th 2019 to show how our FLEX AI Chatbot and Automation technology can reduce the time, cost, and effort of putting Teams into the hands of universities and colleges.

Sign up to our upcoming webinar via the link below:

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