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Empowering Educators in the AI Era with the SMART AI Copilot Suite

The rise of Generative AI (GenAI) in education presents both opportunities and challenges. With over 90% of students already engaging with AI for learning, educators being able to maintain control over the learning environment is crucial.

Introducing the SMART AI Copilot Suite

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At ICS.AI, we recognise the importance of educator control. The SMART AI Copilot Suite is an innovative solution designed not just to integrate AI into education but enhance the educational experience in a way that puts educators firmly in the driver’s seat. Focused on course-specific content and ensuring equal access and tailored learning experiences for all students.

The Suite includes:

  1. SMART Student Copilot: Offering a safe, personalised learning environment powered by GenAI. With virtual tutoring, interactive Q&A and intelligent revision tools, this tool focuses on relevant course material, avoiding the pitfalls of generic internet-based AI - ensuring students receive accurate, course-specific guidance and feedback.  

  2. SMART Educator Copilot: Empowering educators to shape the AI experience with efficient course material creation, AI interaction control, real-time prompt construction and insight into student engagement. This tool allows you to tailor the AI’s interactions to suit your course’s unique needs, ensuring that your teaching style and curriculum are enhanced, not overshadowed, by technology.

Control and Equal Access  

With the SMART AI Copilot Suite, educators retain full control over students’ GenAI activities, counteracting the risk of an educational digital divide where only some have access to the latest technology. Our suite ensures that all students, regardless of background, benefit equally from AI advancements in education. This approach not only preserves but enhances your role as educators, providing a level playing field for all students.

Personalised Learning for Every Student

The student experience is highly personalised and focuses on your course content. This ensures that learning is relevant, effective, and aligned with course objectives, minimising the risk of misinformation and keeping students on track for success.  

Learn from Leaders: Coleg Y Cymoedd’s AI Evaluation Journey

Coleg y Cymoedd's journey AI evaluation serves as a beacon of inspiration for institutions looking to navigate similar paths. After an initial project implementing AI into their student recruitment process, their phase 2 teaching and learning evaluation faced a rigorous funding approval process via the Welsh Government's dedicated AI pilot projects fund, with only six projects selected for implementation.

Their commitment to integrating AI into teaching and learning, detailed in our blog and video interview with Director Rory Meredith, highlights the transformative potential of AI in education. Their story demonstrates how AI, with the right vision, strategy, and team, can be not just a tool but a pivotal element in shaping the future of educational institutions.

Your AI Journey Starts Here

Ready to explore how AI can revolutionise your institution? Connect with us to start your journey in AI evaluation – we can provide a tailored roadmap, aligning with your educational goals and challenges. Let’s embrace the future of education together, ensuring control, personalisation, and equal access for all.

Further Resources:

  • Blog: Embracing AI in Education – Insights from Coleg Y Cymoedd’s evaluation journey

  • Video Interview: Insights from Cymoedd’s Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation

  • Webinar: Download the webinar recording on the opportunities of generative AI in education



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