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Celebrating a Year of Transformative AI in the Public Sector

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As we bid farewell to an extraordinary year, we reflect on the explosive growth of generative AI and its pivotal role in the 5th industrial revolution. This era of technological change has notably reshaped the public sector, setting new standards in efficiency and innovation, especially within local governments and educational institutions. 


This year has been transformative, particularly with the advent of technologies like ChatGPT and the Microsoft Copilot ecosystem. At ICS.AI, we’ve embraced and propelled these advancements, reinforcing out position as the leader for AI solutions for the UK’s public sector over the past five years.  

Defining Moments in AI 

The 5th industrial revolution, in our view, commenced with the launch of ChatGPT 3.5 on November 30, 2022. Its ground-breaking capabilities have been a game-changer, as eloquently stated by our CEO, Martin Neale;

“The 5th industrial revolution began one year ago with the release of ChatGPT 3.5. Its 175 billion training parameters set the world alight. I was amazed by its capability, having never expected to see this level of artificial intelligence in my professional career”

Innovation Highlights 

Reflecting on the past year, generative AI has been a cornerstone in transforming the UK’s public sector. From a novel technology to an integral part of public services, its impact underscores the vast potential of AI. Here are some of our innovation highlights, each marking a significant step forward in AI-driven transformation:  

  • SMART: Customer Service – combining the power of the SMART: platform and generative AI to provide a more efficient customer service experience and empower resident self-service.  

  • SMART: Student Recruitment – transforming student conversion rates and user experience to provide a unified “student-first” interface powered by AI.  

  • SMART: Phone – AI powered phone assistance to transform local government services – reducing waiting times, improving service efficiency and user satisfaction.  

  • EU Artificial Intelligence Act – we saw the launch of the first draft EU Artificial Intelligence Act and subsequent AI summit to emphasise the importance of ethical and safe AI practices. 

  • The Copilot Ecosystem – Microsoft’s rapid launch of Copilot is set to bring GenAI to millions, permeating various collaboration platforms and tools. Our SMART: Copilot Suite has been built to support a world where a mixed ecosystem of first-party Microsoft Copilots and specialised Copilots will thrive, providing an incredible ecosystem capable of truly maximising AI capabilities across the enterprise.   

  • Local Government SMART: Copilot Suite – tailor-made for councils, the suite of SMART: Copilots redefine how local governments operate and interact with their communities. Including the Customer Services Copilot, Adult Social Care Copilot, Children’s Services Copilot and Staff Copilot, providing an agile, economical, and low-risk gateway to scalable AI solutions.  

  • Teaching and Learning with the Education SMART: Copilot Suite – With high GenAI usage already amongst students, its vital for institutions to integrate these tools into teaching and learning ecosystem to stay ahead of the curve and maintain relevance. Built with the goal of keeping educators in control over the learning environment, the SMART: Copilot Suite for education focused on course-specific content and ensures equal access and tailored learning experience for all students.  

Expanding Our Reach 

We're thrilled to have welcomed 11 new customers into our fold, spanning a diverse range of needs and challenges. Each of these relationships continue to enrich our approach to building effective and efficient AI solutions. Customer highlights Include:   

  • AI Transformation at Derby City Council – Derby City Council is at the forefront of AI adoption, leading the change as the first UK council to embrace phone-based AI with their “digital front door” assistants, Darcie and Ali. With incredible results, the Council is harnessing emerging technology to safeguard services for citizens against a background or increasing demand and rising costs and continues to explore how AI can be used to help streamline processes and free up staff to better meet the needs of their citizens.  

  • Award winning Telford and Wrekin Council - On a winning streak, Telford & Wrekin Council’s commitment to enhancing customer service has been recognised at the ASPE Awards, Local Government Association Awards, UK Contact Centre Forum Awards and Institute of Customer Service, where it was recognised for transforming local government services with digital assistant, Tom, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

  • Embracing AI in Education with Coleg y Cymoedd -  Coleg Y Cymoedd have emerged as a leader in AI adoption in education, embarking on AI evaluation for student recruitment and teaching and learning. Their experience offers a comprehensive blueprint for institutions ready to embrace AI, laying the groundwork for successful integration in the upcoming academic year.  

Project Milestones 

An impressive 36 projects managed through our delivery team and 15 customer go-lives, showcasing our commitment to delivering tangible, impactful solutions. These projects highlight our ability to turn AI concepts into real-world applications. 

Events and Engagement 

With 17 events held and over 2,000 participants engaging in our programs, we've fostered a community of learning and collaboration, essential in the rapidly evolving AI landscape. If you missed any of our events, you can download recordings here.  

Quantifying our Impact 

We’re proud to report over 1 million interactions through our AI assistants this year and a growth in our language models of 915 intents. The sheer volume of interactions and queries handled by our AI assistants showcases the reach and reliability of our solutions - a vital part of our service offering.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our customers, prospects, and partners. Your trust and collaboration have been the cornerstone of our success. A special thank you to our dedicated team, whose tireless efforts and innovative spirit have been the driving force behind our achievements. 

Looking Forward  

The future of Generative AI is poised for significant growth. As we step into 2024, we foresee AI continuing to play a transformative role in public sector services, with enhanced data-driven decision making, increased automation, and personalised public services. We are excited to be at the forefront of this journey, driving advancements where AI not only compliments but elevates human capabilities, leading to more efficient and effective public services.  

Season’s Greetings 

As we celebrate this festive season, we send our warmest wishes to you and yours. We step into the new year with a sense of optimism and commitment to continued innovation. Here's to a future where AI not only augments our capabilities but also enriches the lives of those in the public sector. 



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