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Launching the UK's first Human Parity SMART AI Language Model for Universities

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Containing 835 student topics and over 12,500 student questions

Today we launched our 'human parity' SMART AI Language Model for Universities, supporting over 835 student topics (intents) and providing instant answers to 12,500 student questions. This enables higher education institutions to provide instant 24/7 access to answers candidates and students are looking for, ensuring student satisfaction, freeing up resource and future-proofing their campus. Read full Press Release here.

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Without this, Universities looking to deploy

an AI Assistant to help students have to either build and train their own extensive language models, or provide AI Assistants without human parity performance. Building and maintaining an expert AI Language Model – which is trained to human parity levels – is complex, resource intensive and requires a huge amount of training data.

What is Human Parity Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is chatbot software (an AI Assistant) with natural language processing skills that enable users to interact with it as they would with a human (instantly answering questions as well as your staff would). Agents in a typical contact centre answer questions at around 84% accuracy*. When the AI Assistant is pre-trained with thousands of queries and sector-relevant topics, it has been proven to supersede these results and reach human parity performance; answering over 90%* of user queries correctly and outperforming standard AI assistants.

What does an AI Language Model do?

The Language Model allows the AI Assistant to understand the student’s intent and subsequently, how to help. It employs deep learning to simulate the way in which humans learn and process information. By creating artificial neural networks to extract complex concepts and relationships from data, the Language Model provides a categorised set of topics and actions mapped to the multitude of different ways people could ask for them.

What does the AI Language Model provide?

It is so much more than a list of questions and answers. It arrives full trained, built from the data of hundreds of thousands of student queries using ICS.AI’s patent pending SMART Mesh supervised learning platform. SMART Mesh harvests, then replicates the learnings of all student Assistants on the same ‘mesh’ and regularly updates each Language Model automatically. Ultimately, the AI Assistant learns. It grows. It evolves.

Our SMART AI Language Model for Universities provides:

  • 835 student intents (topics)

  • 835 benchmark answers

  • 12,500 student questions

  • 9,000 ‘Chit Chat’ items

  • 100 ethics topics

Why is this important?

Deploying SMART AI Language Model for Universities and SMART AI Student Assistant enables your University to provide 24/7 access to answers your candidates and students are looking for; ensuring student satisfaction, freeing up resource and future-proofing your campus.

Why choose ICS.AI?

We pride ourselves on being market leaders in Conversational AI and have already deployed these human parity solutions into multiple higher education institutions. We were recently invited by Microsoft to showcase their Conversational AI solution at their “Microsoft: Advancing Education, Student Success” event, where we showcased how our AI technology is already supporting academic staff and students at top UK Universities including Durham, Leeds, Nottingham Trent and Winchester.

*Sources: CSS Benchmarks & SMART ICS.AI

Contact us to find out more or book a demo.

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