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The Crown Prosecution Service introduce the FLEX Intelligent Workplace and the FLEX AI Employee Bot

The Crown Prosecution Service introduce the FLEX Intelligent Digital Workplace and the FLEX AI Employee Services Chatbot to boost Employee Engagement and improve accessibility across all regions

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) are a national, independent organisation that prosecutes criminal cases which are investigated by the police and other organisations in England and Wales. CPS work relentlessly to ensure the right individuals are prosecuted for the right offence and to bring the right offenders to justice. Furthermore, CPS run independently from the police and government to decide which cases should and shouldn’t be prosecuted.

CPS began their AI journey 12 months ago, embarking on a search to replace their outdated intranet. Having decided to invest in the Microsoft cloud platform, CPS identified several Office 365 compatible solutions via G Cloud, one of which was ICS.AI.

Through the procurement process ICS.AI demonstrated the solution along with costs and a detailed implementation plan. Impressed with ICS.AI’s proposal, CPS selected ICS.AI to work on their digital transformation. Recognizing the value of the solution and its considerable benefits it could have on the organisation, the FLEX Intelligent Digital Workplace was selected. The FLEX AI intranet was a perfect solution to the high-level requirements CPS identified early on in their journey.

In addition to the FLEX Intelligent Digital Workplace, ICS.AI also proposed the FLEX AI Employee Services Chatbot, which was not originally part of CPS requirements. However, the ability to boost employee engagement and manage information within one tool was something that CPS could recognize as being significantly beneficial to their organisation.

CPS had several goals they wanted to achieve during their roll out of Office 365, but to ensure the project was to be successful, they required their new solution to enhance user engagement by connecting various regional content stores into a single user experience. CPS required a solution that would offer a consistent user experience across all regions for their collaboration and sharing needs whilst delivering a mobile experience.

The intuitive design and easy access to business tools through the use of the FLEX AI intranet was something that attracted CPS to choose FLEX AI. The platform will give their employees the opportunity to hold corporate communications and share fresh content all through one hub, easily accessed by all employees via the intranet. Furthermore, the integration of the FLEX AI Employee Services chatbot into CPS, will provide their employees with a more enhanced navigation and content discovery, all through the use of the virtual assistant, driving employee user adoption.

ICS.AI are currently working closely with CPS to roll out the solution. The team have been working meticulously with the entire user stakeholders’ group to ensure all the requirements and configuration meet CPS standards. The solution has been trialed with two directorates who will be going live with the solution. Subsequent directorates will follow in a phased manner in line with the Office 365 roll out across the regions.

The deployment of the new Intelligent Digital Workplace within CPS will be hugely beneficial to their organisation. Connecting and encouraging engagement amongst users is the main priority for CPS to ensure all their users can work in an adaptable, modern and most importantly cloud first workplace.

One of CPS’s highest requirements was to ensure all their employees experience a mobile, modern, cloud-based workplace, which is what the FLEX Intelligent Digital Workplace can off their organisation. This transformation takes CPS closer to their end goal, to create a more unified platform, accessible to all their users, by ending on premise applications and datacentres.

Beyond the current engagement, ICS.AI are excited to be working with CPS in a number of different areas including content migration, training and other user related services that are in addition to the technical implementation. We strive to ensure FLEX AI not only improves internal communications but endeavour to make the employees day-to-day tasks more streamline whilst driving employee engagement across the organisation. ICS.AI look forward to maintaining a positive relationship with CPS, to ensure their needs are met with upmost priority.

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