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SMART Live Chat: How Microsoft Teams and Conversational AI transform student engagement

With Conversational AI and humans working together, you can support students 24/7, automating routine queries, and improving answers to the more complex ones

Universities and colleges have a distributed contact model. Departments focused on admissions, student services, mental health and so on all work in silos. Without a clear flow, students struggle with access to the right resource, prolonged waiting times and delayed problem resolution. Scattered services also affect staff - consuming their time and escalating cost; mis-spending valuable resources.

AI-driven Live Chat via MS Teams allows students and staff to interact more efficiently

When Conversational supports students and advisors, different metrics improve. Why? AI-driven live chat turns MS Teams into a single digital front door, where AI deflects up to 40% of live chat queries with its extensive pre-trained AI language model. It also maximises advisors’ outcomes feeding them relevant content, reducing contact durations by up to 75%. All in all, this affects waiting times, cost per contact and overall satisfaction rates.

What results Conversational AI is already achieving for universities and colleges?

With SMART Live Chat, AI deflects a significant proportion of queries that would have otherwise been piling up creating bottlenecks.

Out of 1000+ queries, only 26 live chats were transferred to the Nottingham Trent University graduation team.

Staff having to handle only 2% of queries means they gain valuable time to provide a better service. Thanks to AI supporting them throughout all the interactions, they are empowered to create a better overall student experience.

How does it work?

Human Parity Conversational AI is answering queries with high accuracy thanks to its language model of nearly 1000 pre-trained education topics, massively freeing up resources for high-value interactions. The AI also acts as an intermediary, supporting advisors in providing more accurate, quicker answers.

New College Lanarkshire used Machine Learning and Conversational AI to prove that quality staff interactions improve retention.

SMART Live Chat provides students with the ability to triage requests, ensuring everyone gets the most suitable resource, including quicker access to a dedicated subject expert when the query is complex. AI at the front-end deflecting chats and supercharging interventions improves students’ chances of success in their academic journey.

Conversational AI supercharges your Microsoft licenses

Universities and colleges rely on Microsoft infrastructure. MS Teams is commonly used, especially in the new hybrid reality. By using our SMART Live Chat, you get more value out of existing licenses, expanding them into the cost-saving, contact-deflecting and process-automating use case.

With SMART Live Chat, the world’s first AI-driven live chat via MS Teams, you secure instant student engagement, without requiring new software or extensive training. The MS integration means quick and easy roll-out and instant benefits for your staff and students.

With Conversational AI and humans working together, you can support every live chat interaction deflecting routine queries and helping advisors give better answers. Intelligently triaging requests, AI also allow users to book a virtual or in-person meeting with the best subject expert, improving outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy to deploy on MS Teams

  • Large number of queries deflected by AI

  • 24/7 accessibility for staff and students

  • Quick answers in over 1000 pre-trained topics

  • Extra value out of existing MS investments

To see the AI-driven live chat in action - Register for this Webinar!


As an AI vendor, we are exclusively focused on the public sector. This means that our Conversational AI is built for higher education and further education with universities and colleges, local government councils, central government and the health sector institutions. We are very close to the specific challenges the sector is experiencing and we’re always exploring ways for Microsoft’s technology to help solve them.

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