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A New Dawn for Chatbot Services

Chatbots on the Rise

How many times have you sat on hold waiting for an operator to take your call? How much time have you spent navigating an endless labyrinth of confusing menus online? How up to date are you on news, updates and incidents occurring in your community? Within the last few years the only answer to these tasks rested as the end of either a prolonged phone call, or tiresome searches through online databases. This was until the arrival of chatbots.

The last two years have seen a monumental growth in both organisational and user adoption of chatbot technology. The key to the value of a chatbot lies not just within its extensive range of use cases and functions, but how reliably and consistently they can perform these tasks without the need for repeated training. The prospect of a digital assistant available to assist 24/7 no matter the task was once the distant dream of innovators and free thinkers, but no longer, chatbots are set to transform self-service as we know it.

So why haven’t chatbots already become the dominant tool in self-service? If their functionality is as limitless as has been discussed then why aren’t they used by every school, council and organisation? The answer to these questions falls to the practicality of designing, and deploying chatbots, often a costly, time-consuming process. With the race to digitally transform putting pressure on organisations, finding cost effective solutions to developing chatbots grows harder and harder. Enter FLEX AI.


FLEX AI is the Microsoft chatbot solution to slow, costly chatbot development and deployment cycles. We at ICS Solutions have developed a series of cutting-edge bots from Microsoft’s Azure technology so that you don’t have too. With easy deployment, customisation and automation, FLEX AI puts enterprise class bots into your organisation quickly and efficiently.

This week marks the launch of the brand new product line-up of the latest chatbots in the FLEX AI family. Over the past year ICS Solutions has grown into a first class vendor for Microsoft chatbots, and we are delighted to announce a new series of bots designed to provide professional and intuitive services to all.

Our launch begins on March 28 with the Citizen Services Bot, an AI assistant designed to support citizens with any and all services provided by local government. The chatbot allows users to report incidents in the community, check the latest updates from the council and complete tasks such as paying fines or ordering bin collections all through the power of the chatbot.

Our new product line-up continues with the Employee Services Bot, designed to seamlessly enhance each user’s ability to self-serve within their organisation. Whether requesting holiday, accessing company systems from home, or collaborating online with a client, the Employee Services Bot reduces time and costs by allowing employees to self-serve.

Concluding the launch is the Customer Services bot, which heralds the beginning of a new way of interacting with customers. With all administration becoming automated through an AI assistant, top quality customer experiences are guaranteed. Whether checking outstanding balance, making customer complaints or upgrading services, the Customers Services Bot allows users to become masters of their own self-service.

With FLEX AI continuing to develop new bots optimised for fast deployment, there will never be a better time to learn more about what we have to offer. If you or your organisation are interested in the possibility of chatbots providing your users first class service, contact us for a free hands-on demonstration of what FLEX AI’s bots can do. Self-service will never be easier.

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