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Discover our new Police and Citizen Services Bots on the 7th February 2019

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Police are under enormous pressure to achieve ever more with limited resources. Artificial Intelligence provides a unique opportunity to help with this challenge. In support of this, Microsoft in conjunction with ICS.AI are delighted to launch the Police and Citizen Bots at an online Webinar on the 7th February.

During the 1.5 hour session, you will see how our Police and Citizen Bots can increase a Forces virtual resources quickly and cost effectively:

  • Hear how Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence technology is supporting UK Police

  • See how the Police Bot can help members of the force with day-to-day tasks

  • See how the Citizen Bot can be used to help improve public engagement and reduce Police workload

Why should you attend?

Whether you're embarking on a digital transformation project or working on your own Artificial Intelligence journey, you will gain further insight into how Artificial Intelligence can benefit your colleagues within your organisation.

With a sudden increase in the deployment of artificial intelligence within the government sector over the last year, we predict a steady increase in the demand of Chatbots, to accommodate the growing financial pressures of delivering public services in challenging times.

​The FLEX AI Police and Citizen Services Bot heralds the beginning of a new way of interacting with both colleagues and the public. FLEX AI Police and Citizen Bots provide 24/7 access to information in 27 different languages on virtually any device.

Sign up today via the link below:

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