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AI powered assistant gives Lewes and Eastbourne residents around the clock support

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

ELLIS Chatbot Logo

As market leaders for conversational AI solutions to the UK's public sector, we're pleased to announce we've just provided Lewes and Eastbourne Council with a new AI assistant on their website. The assistant, ELLIS, is now live and able to provide citizens with 24/7 support for their queries as well as passing through to a live agent should it need to.

This addition to Lewes and Eastbourne's digital capabilities gives residents better access to the answers they need. Using Artificial Intelligence technology gives Lewes and Eastbourne the tools to accurately respond to well over 90% of queries first time, improving the lives of residents in the area.

ELLIS chatbot for Lewes and Eastbourne
ELLIS in action

Overview of what we built for Lewes and Eastbourne:

  • A web based AI Assistant trained in over 900 different council topics ranging from council tax and household waste to schools and parking.

  • Unique answers for Lewes and Eastbourne residents depending on their location

  • Handover to agents when requested by the user through Microsoft Teams

  • Built in feedback ratings and comments by citizens to capture feedback for ongoing improvements

  • WCAG 2.1 compliance for near universal accessibility

  • Built on ICS.AI's proprietary SMART AI language model that delivers better than human parity performance

Martin Neale - CEO at ICS.AI
Martin Neale, CEO at ICS.AI
I am delighted to announce that ELLIS, the new AI Digital Assistant for Lewes and Eastbourne Council went live late last night. Lewes District and Eastbourne Borough Councils pioneered an innovative strategy for sharing services and were awarded Council of The Year in 2019. ELLIS helps to propel this shared service model forward.

Lewes and Eastbourne carried out extensive testing of their AI assistant to ensure complete accuracy. This provides residents across both councils with fast and accurate answers to high volume queries across their respective local services. A human parity AI assistant frees up contact centre agents to provide more in-depth support and ultimately speed up the rate at which local resident queries are resolved.

SMART - Human Parity AI Platform from ICS.AI

Lewes and Eastbourne's investment in AI technology will transform their customer service experience. Initial feedback shows agents previously dedicated to live chat have been moved to inbound phone calls to give wider availability throughout both councils.

Further investment in using AI on both council's phone systems will give residents instant availability to information and streamline operations for council employees. "The next step for ELLIS is to help residents via voice when it is added to the main number in the coming months” added Martin Neale, CEO at ICS.AI.


ICS.AI are the UK's market leader in conversational AI solutions across the public sector. Based in Hampshire, we have customers across central and local governments, higher education and healthcare. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we have delivered channel shift and digital transformation with our proprietary SMART range of AI products.

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