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Let Customer Service Email work for you, not against you

SMART: Automated Email Response Assistant

Human Parity Performance: over 90% accuracy

Common high-volume emails with subjects such as change of address, renewals, service questions create bottlenecks. Our Automated Email Response Assistants sorts this problem with a success rate over 90%.


SMART: Email fully automates the most common email categories such as “change of address” and immediately escalates high risk categories such as “complaint”, boosting your 1st time resolution rates and releasing capacity. 

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Email is an important touchpoint for service users, but because of repetitive messages, response waiting times are often below satisfactory. Now you can automate email, improving outcomes.

Automated Email benefits: 

  • Immediate start with our pre-trained AI models   ​

  • Identifying incoming email categories at up to 95% accuracy  

  • Automating “collect incomplete data” by emailing a link to an AI Assistant    

  • Maintaining ethical standards with our unique “Ethical Edge”

  • Use AI Augmented LiveChat to increase agent efficiency by up to 50% ​

  • Enable the public to self service Virtual Appointments and Consultations​

Find the SMART AI Assistants for your sector

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Local Government & Housing
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Higher Education
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Mental Health
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Governmental Agencies
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