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Explore our opportunities and future-proof your career

Hi, we are ICS.AI. We are a start-up growing at over 100% per year. We have been profitable from year 1. We are also the founding member of Microsoft’s AI Inner Circle. Have you heard about Human Parity? We have created the first chatbot that is as good as humans.

And we are barely starting.

Who are we looking for? We want you to care – we work for the Public Sector because we are all about making a difference.
And we love what we do, so we are looking for candidates who are passionate about technology and never stop learning.

Join and us and make an impact

What our people say

Our culture and values

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Whilst AI is a huge part of all our futures, we recognise that it also gives rise to certain ethical risks which demand frequent attention. We stick to a set of guiding principles, which come under constant scrutiny to ensure our work remains ethical.

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Our people are our biggest assets, with our team’s knowledge and experience having made us what we are today. A team of true innovators, we created the world’s first human parity AI assistant, as well as the 1st AI Assistant to learn from other AI Assistants.

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We refer to our AI Assistants as our “babies” and treat them as such! We’re constantly scrutinising their data and the tech behind them to improve their performance and the experience of their users.

And We Tell It Like It Is.png

We’ll always back up our claims with stats and proof, and whilst our AI Assistants are as good as humans when it comes to solving problems, we’ll never mislead users into believing they are speaking with an actual human.


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Future proof your career working in the amazing, high growth sector of artificial intelligence

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Working with a fast paced start-up, you can guarantee that if you have good ideas, they'll be listened to

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Our aim is to attract and retain great people, and a key part of that is internal progression for those who want it. Prove your ability, and you'll be rewarded

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We offer truly flexible working, with home working offered as standard. We really don't mind where in the UK you're based!

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We've got a great product, and we're growing quickly off the back of it. Join us now to get in early!

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Our staff's development is important to us, and we're always working on new ways to help them develop their skills - be that with internal, on the job learning, or external recognised courses.

Our Customers

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