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We are one of the UK's fastest-growing AI companies

To be great at something, you need to love what you do. We live and work by this rule.

On the Phone

Our Story

In 2017, when the AI revolution began, we’ve already had many successes in the tech industry under our belt.

We are the first Microsoft Inner Circle Partner in the UK, and we are growing at over 100% per year. But what makes us the most proud? We have created the first chatbot that is as good as humans.

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Public Sector needs AI

Artificial Intelligence is still a new technology. But it will soon be an essential part of any efficient workplace. We are here to make this new way of working possible - by seamlessly connecting users with organisations and turning organisations SMART.

We are capable of all that because we’ve created the first ever AI Assistant with Human Parity Performance. It means our AI Assistant is as SMART as a human agent, answering questions with over 90% accuracy.

Mother and Baby on Floor

With Human Parity AI:

  • Remote workers access HR and IT support 24/7; 

  • Mental Health service users can self-serve and get help faster; 

  • AI Assistants service spikes in council queries, leaving the staff to help the most vulnerable; 

  • University candidates get information after hours, enabling Admissions to secure new prospects; 


Business outcomes, service quality and productivity improve all around.


Human Parity Performance is what organisations need to create a truly flexible, automated and self-learning workplace.

Our Values

We are ethical.
We are are enthusiastic. 
We are experts.

And we tell it like it is.

Let us help your organisation make an impact in the new reality.
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Ben Cummins, Managing Director of Qwest

“Fortunately we had a 24/7 AI Digital Assistant on the council’s website, so when our agent capacity was suddenly redirected to deal with a huge increase in citizens’ demand relating to Coronavirus, we were able to switch to using our AI Digital Assistant to help hundreds of our residents."

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