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AI TRANSFORMATION for Student Satisfaction
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Delivering a consistently high quality student experience to thousands of students every year can be challenging for many universities, especially due to the many millions of interactions that occur between the university and its students across that time.

To help with this, ICS.AI have designed the Student Satisfaction Platform, designed to not only help your university focus and improve on the quality of the interactions you have with your students, but the platform has been specifically designed to improve your Student Satisfaction, NSS scores, and even help to improve your Remote Student Communications capability. With our AI technology, we can provide your university with a mechanism for simultaneous engagement to thousands of students, simply through using a single platform.


Student Satisfaction Platform

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Conversational AI driven Student self-service

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Voice first, AI driven Communication Kiosk

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Online, off-line & remote collaborative learning

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Machine Learning for tailored learning


How can the Student Satisfaction Platform
improve your NSS scores?

Part of how we help your university is by carrying out extensive research into your universities NSS scores and identifying your lowest scoring areas, to help your university improve its Student Satisfaction.


Once your NSS data has been collected, we present you with a detailed report on how the FLEX AI Student Satisfaction Platform will improve your lowest NSS scores and by what percentage. We believe that by giving your university an effective AI Transformation plan, we can help you transform your services, communication and much more.

Our mission is to help your university improve in the
following areas:

  • NSS Scores

  • Student Experience

  • Retention Rates

  • Recruitment Results

  • Communication and Engagement Capability

  • Student Well-being 

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How can the Student Satisfaction Platform improve Remote Student Communications?

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Through the use of our FLEX AI Student Assistant and
Microsoft Teams we can help facilitate and improve your
'Remote Student Communications' capability.

By using our Student Satisfaction Platform we can help your students self-serve 24/7 - no matter the location or time. Our aim is to make students accessing learning resources, creating assignments and collaborating virtually in real-time, as simple as possible.

With the help of our AI platform we can help students learning remotely to remain connected and engaged with their course, day and night.

Student Predictive Analytics


The FLEX AI Student Predictive Analytics and prediction tools can be used to help students reach their full potential, becoming an important tool in student engagement. It can be used to advise students on the most suitable classes or programes, and with machine learning provides an early warning system for intervention around academic performance, helping universities to support students at the right time.

The FLEX AI Student Predictive Analytics technology can help with the following:

  • Helps to ensure the best outcomes for students using a
    360-degree view of your student's performance, attendance and activities


  • It can provide the right support services to your students at the right time through the use of the early warning system technology

  • Improving Retention and Academic Success

  • Providing customized classroom support

  • Machine Learning models that identify and predict student performance

  • Manage performance and measure success 

Student Assistant

The FLEX AI Student Assistant offers not only 24/7 'On-Demand'
self-service to support students throughout their journey, but the assistant also provides universities with an AI platform that enables a mass communication strategy.

The digital assistant can assist your students with various inquiries, ranging from personal course timetable information to assessments and collecting feedback. Our mission is to deliver the best student experience available.

  • Current Students - can access library information, assessment and feedback, find degrees, short courses, professional and personal development, open days, access learning resources, careers, IT support, welfare, finance support​ and much more 24/7 in real-time

  • Prospective Students - ​ can attend virtual open days, sign up to online consultations, and even gain access to course and accommodation information in real-time. We can even help your university generate and attract more qualified leads with the help of our digital assistant

  • Students are able to remain engaged with their course, assignments, and any other personal student content, no matter the time or location with 24/7 self-service.

  • Streamline the service desk - triage, routing and handover ​

  • Create your own Student OneStopBots™

student assistant
Predictive analytics

Student Communication Kiosk

The FLEX AI Student Communication Kiosk enables students to have instant access to a wide selection of their information through personalised panels, that include My week, My Progress, and My Student Survey.

The personalised Kiosk remains present throughout the entire student experience and assists students with a wide selection
of information sources and content.

The AI driven panels in the Kiosk provide students with insight into their:

  • Student journey

  • Upcoming assessment dates

  • Events

  • Course timetable

  • Academic support details

  • Student survey updates

  • And much more!

Student Kiosk

Microsoft Teams - Online Learning Platform


Microsoft Teams can be used to improve staff efficiency and facilitate the use of collaborative classrooms. As well as improving student engagement, manage assignments, and to access and deliver personalised educational content whilst learning remotely.

Teams has been designed with inclusivity in mind, allowing students to instantly collaborate, contribute and connect with other students and lecturers remotely without assistance.

Microsoft Teams can be used to create Collaborative Learning with the following tools:

  • Video Content Management

  • Course Materials and Management

  • Lecture Capture and Content Streaming

  • Student Communications Kiosk

  • Calendaring

  • Student Engagement AI Assistants

  • Assessments and Feedback

  • Assignment Authoring and Content Creation

  • Custom Teams Extensions

  • Cohorts and Automated Processes

  • Analytics for personalization and development

  • Moodle/Blackboard/Canvas Integration

MS Teams

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