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Support your students throughout their entire journey with AI
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In light of recent events, it has never been more important than now for students to feel

part of a learning community and to access on-demand support, regardless of their location. However, for many universities delivering remote on-demand support can pose

a challenge, due to out dated systems and disparate data sources, leaving many universities incapable of delivering such a service.

To help with this, ICS.AI have built the Student Assistant, designed to help universities engage with both current and prospective students in real-time, day and night - 

no matter the time, place, or device.


From recruitment all the way through to graduation, our virtual assistant can offer your students the best 'on-demand' experience available on the market. Whether its answering your students questions 24/7 or helping your students interact with classmates and lecturers in real-time, our digital assistant can offer your students around the clock support, regardless of their location.

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What makes our Student Assistant different?

The FLEX AI Student Assistant is unlike any other chatbot on the market currently. With our digital assistant, we can help your university answer and support your students 24/7, helping students to feel part of a learning community both on and off campus. 

With our digital assistant we can ensure that your students receive the right support at the right time, regardless of their location.

The Student Assistant provides users with OneStop access to a wide selection of connected information sources, processes and people.

Allowing users to engage 24/7 with their internal and external local services whilst learning remotely.

How can the Student Assistant help with

your Recruitment strategy?

The Student Assistant not only helps you engage with prospective students in real-time but it can assist them with a range of services, even outside of business hours. Whether its helping a student sign up to a virtual open day or to helping a student connect with a university ambassador in real-time, our digital assistant provides your

students with around the clock support.

With the help of our Student Assistant, we can help your universities recruitment and admissions department generate and attract more qualified leads, drive increased applications, and even capture student data from the

first conversation at recruitment.

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Recruit and engage with students remotely

The FLEX AI Student Assistant not only provides universities with a tool to engage and support current students remotely, but our 24/7 self-service assistant can also help you to engage with prospective students, in real-time. With our AI technology, we can help your recruitment and admissions department capture vital student data from the first point of contact at recruitment, all the way through to graduation.

From delivering 24/7 ‘on-demand’ support to students learning remotely to organising virtual open days, our virtual assistant can help your university improve your remote communication capabilities significantly. Helping you to engage with thousands of students, simply through using our automated assistant.

The Student Assistant allows universities to:

  • Current Students - can access library information, assessment and feedback, find degrees, short courses, professional and personal development, access learning resources, careers, IT support, welfare, finance support​ and much more in real-time

  • Prospective Students - ​ can attend virtual open days, sign up to online consultations, and even gain access to course and accommodation information in real-time. And with the help of our digital assistant we can even help your university generate and attract more qualified leads

  • Students are able to remain engaged with their course, assignments, and any other personal student content on and off campus, no matter the time or location, with our 24/7 self-service. 

  • Streamline the service desk - triage, routing and handover ​

  • Create your own Student OneStopBot™

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How can AI improve your Student Engagement?

From helping a student sign up to a virtual open day, through to helping them access graduation day information, 

our automated 24/7 self-service chatbot supports and assists your students throughout their journey, enabling students to

gain access to wide range of information and services, all through from using our single assistant.

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