Combine your virtual and physical campus
to enhance both your Student and Staff experiences

The FLEX AI Smart Campus designed by ICS.AI, can help your university to create enriching and rewarding experiences for both your students and staff, by pulling together your virtual and physical campus
at your university.

With our AI technology we can help your university to improve it's teaching, learning and working capabilities, helping to ensure both your students and staff are supported, even when working and learning remotely.


Anticipate needs and improve services with streamlined ambient services through building management and intelligence unification. Access unified modern building work resources such as meeting spaces, scheduling, utility services, facility, IoT, and much more 
through natural language exchange, while increasing productivity, efficiency and staff engagement. Learn and assist proactively at

each process step through machine learning understanding of the entire modern workplace. 

  • Connected Intelligence and AI Hub for your modern workplace and operational insight

  • Provides knowledge and recommendations anywhere throughout the building in through any channel or device

  • Intelligent insight connecting all the sensory data across creating ambient proactive services

  • Personalised assistance and recommendations along with smart navigation

  • KPI management for space utilisation and sustainability

  • AI Camera for early warning and prediction

  • An early warning system and knowledge, anywhere throughout the building through channel or device

  • Learnability: Drive equitable access to quality learning opportunities across a coordinated ecosystem, from school through to careers using through an AI career
    advice hub that connects to other ancillary services

Help Students learn, collaborate and communicate remotely with MS Teams automation skills

Help students engage and collaborate instantly with 
Dr Kellermann's Course Questions QBot

Keep Students Safe and Informed with virtual COVID-19 advice skills

Recruit and engage with Students using the virtual
Student Assistant

Use Machine Learning to 
predict student performance for tailored education


With Smart Video and Vision we can help to improve your estate utilisation, security and safety with AI vision.

With our AI technology can help to enhance your student experience and pull together your virtual and physical campus to create a more enhancing experience for both your students and staff.

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