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Prevent bottlenecks in your organisation when it really matters

SMART: Power Automation AI Assistant

Human Parity Performance: over 90% accuracy

Automation is a crucial element in any modern organisation.

Any change or crisis in the economy further intensifies the need to automate processes, engagement and access to data. The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital transformation because it exposed organisational bottlenecks of non-automated or
high-friction functions. 


Our Automation technology can help address these issues efficiently. The AI Automation Assistant provides a single place for all the Self-Service Automation needs. It lets you create new skills in the Microsoft Power Platform, surface them and share them across the organisation.​

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For public or business services to run smoothly bottlenecks and high-friction functions should be avoided. The Automation AI Assistant provides low-friction operations by automating the three key elements of any service: engagement, knowledge and actions.

Automation AI Assistant helps:

  • Easily create Automation Skills using the MS Power, Forms or 3rd party platforms 

  • Access the skills in a single Skill Store regardless of where they were created

  • Consume skills using voice, Webchat or applications

  • Integrated into your everyday actions with the SmartHub AI Workplace Assistant


Connecting people to knowledge, content or documents without the need for human intervention​

Connecting people to other people or processes without the need for human intervention​

Delivering business processes or workflows automatically with the minimum need for human intervention​

Power Automation AI Assistant Capabilities:​

  • Automation Personality​

  • Automation UX & landing zone​

  • Intelligent Automation Triage​

  • Prebuilt Automation AI Language & Knowledgebase​

  • Cognitive Search Internal, Viva Integration​

  • Cognitive Search External, etc​

  • Integration SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics Etc​

  • Quick Skills – Power Platform Surfacing​

  • AI Augmented MS Teams Livechat​

  • Book Virtual Appointment​

  • Automation Analytics​

  • AIMaaS lifetime Learning​

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